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Technology for Change, Efficiency and Strategic Planning

Arken works with you to build streamlined processes for your team. Our estate planning product suite enables you to achieve more in less time, enhance risk management activities and develop strategies for the future. Arken has worked with 1000’s of users across the globe, we’ve seen it all, and are well placed to assist you in achieving your goals.

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Will Writing Software

Draft simple & complex Wills in minutes with cloud-based software that streamlines processes and minimises risk.

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Trust Software

Draft Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts in minutes and generate Trust taxation reports with ease.

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Integrations & Partnerships

Our open API makes integrating tools easy. We partner with other other industry leading tools for greater efficiency and risk management. Find out who we already integrate with.

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Arken Vault

Arken Vault, powered by BePrepared, gives you an instant solution for handling your clients digital assets.

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Online Wills Software

Reach new audiences with a flexible, customisable online Wills solution.


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Intestacy Lead Tool

An engaging marketing tool motivating clients to write their Will by explaining what would happen should they die intestate.

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Digital Fact Find

Securely capture and import client data with an automated questionnaire, saving countless admin hours.

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Arken Instruction Hub

Digitise the capture of client instructions, quoting, and confirming requirements, all within a secure and branded client portal.

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Trusted Digital Solutions

Our industry leading products enable you to grow, protect and future proof your business.

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Admin Taking Hours?
Not Anymore

Let Word documents, time-consuming re-keying, and conflicting document and writing styles be a thing of the past. There’s a better way.

  • Reduced re-keying
  • Faster turnarounds that keep clients engaged
  • Streamlined processes
  • Consistent output
  • Work anywhere, at any time

How Arken Helps you Draft Wills,
LPAs & Other Associated Documents
10x Faster

Using an intuitive questionnaire, our Will writing software guides you through the document building process. With in-built controls and a dual-screen for live drafting, you can review your work in real-time. The intelligent software automatically adjusts the format, clauses and bespoke commentary.

Draft Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJTs), Expression of Wishes (EWs), Expression of Wishes to Guardians (EWGs), Advance Decisions (ADs) and General Powers of Attorney (GPAs) in just a few minutes.


How Much Time and Money Can Arken Save You?

How many Wills do you draft per month?


What percentage of Wills are simple wills?


Using your current drafting methods:

  • Time per simple will

    30 min
  • Time per complex will

    40 min

What is the annual salary per drafter?

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Time saved per month


£ saved per month


£ saved per year


  • “Following a well-planned and successful implementation, we are delighted to see how the Arken software has enabled us to streamline our approach to Will drafting. We are now producing consistent Wills which use uniform clauses across all of our lawyers. The commentary document which complements the drafted Will is extremely helpful to our customers.”

  • “Arken’s Will Writing Software helps us to effectively manage our precedents, provide a better client experience and unify our processes across our offices. We are also able to draft our documents much faster than before and Arken’s wider toolset has helped us streamline in more areas and create better looking, comprehensive outcomes for our clients.”

  • “Arken Professional has significantly improved the speed in which I’m able to produce Wills and associated documents, but without compromising on quality. Saving time re-keying data and ensuring consistency across documents has allowed me to focus on other important areas such as client retention and new business.”

  • “We did a careful review of available solutions and chose Arken, as it has a very user-friendly and intuitive user experience, helped us with an improvement in our working practices, introduced time efficiencies and facilitated our ability to standardise our processes and mitigate our risks. The support team at Arken are excellent – very responsive and invested time to understand our needs. We had extensive support before and after going live. Arken is very easy to use, the templates are consistent and we have reliable support.” 

  • Arken is an absolutely fantastic tool. It is extremely easy to use and has helped our practices in Will drafting to a huge extent. I could not be without it now. I would recommend to any legal specialist looking to invest in Will writing software. Very cost effective too.” 

  • “Arken is really easy to use and there is a wealth of training and material to help new users. In particular, our Trainee solicitors find the software easy to use and drafting Wills has become a much smoother and more streamlined process. The commentary explaining the Wills really helps our client’s to understand the documents presented to them. In addition, the ability to tailor the clauses and commentaries for the circumstances we often come across makes drafting Wills quicker and more accurate. We have seen the biggest difference in drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney, particularly when drafting multiple documents for clients and/or married couples.”

  • “Arken Professional is the superior product in the market. We’ve used other solutions before, but nothing can compare to its quality, efficiency and flexibility.”

  • “I have been using Arken Will writing software for a number of years, and have found it excellent, and easy to use. The support from the office has been exceptional whenever I have needed it, with a quick response and great patience at times. I would certainly recommend the software and also the company without any hesitation.”

  • “The whole team have found the Arken system very easy to use and it is very user friendly. The initial and ongoing support and training provided is excellent. Using the system saves a lot of time on data inputting, especially on the LPA drafting. It produces clear explanatory documents for all our Clients to understand. I would highly recommend the system. 

  • “We have found Arken to be a valuable tool for our private client team in terms of efficiency and consistency and we would highly recommend it to law firms looking for a professional solutions.”

  • “From the moment I made a career and commercial decision to move from Financial Services into Will Writing full time, the transition has been smooth, enjoyable and very interesting.  This has been achieved quite simply due to the support mechanism that Arken and its delightful and approachable team provide.  “Nothing” is too much trouble and they never make you feel like a nuisance, in fact, you come away from ALL calls feeling proud to be part of their organisation as a client.  In particular, like many have their own personal testimonials to share.”

  • “Arken helped us to create transparency around our Will drafting and LPA drafting processes. We can now collaborate on documents more easily and our wording, formatting, and branding are consistent and aligned. We’re able to turn documents around faster for our clients and our output is greater, helping us to drive more profitability into our practice.


    Some of our clients are elderly, have illnesses and require their Will as soon as possible. Being able to send them their documents in good time is the customer service we aim for and provides client satisfaction.”

  • “Arken Professional makes life easier for my team and less stressful for them. I want to retain my staff; we’ve helped to train them, and we want to give them the tools they need.”

  • “As my department grows, I like to know we are creating very little room for human error. Using Word as the master precedent document means that it’s easier to make mistakes. Arken Professional has precedents built in that are reviewed by a Legal Advisory Board. It also doesn’t let you print a Will unless you have all the areas completed. Knowing the system flags any incomplete areas brings real peace of mind.”

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