Help and advice during COVID-19

With a 75% increase in demand for Wills and remote working being a challenge, offers a range of products, services, and advice to help you through this period.

See how we can help below with key document information, digital cloud-based products, special offers, and relevant webinars for COVID-19.

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Allow digital signatures - please write to your MP

The witnessing of wills is governed by a law that is nearly 200 years old.  This is completely out of date and doesn’t contemplate the technological safeguards which could safely facilitate digital signatures or remote witnessing. Witnessing has been under review by the Law Commission and urgently needs to be addressed. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and government-mandated social distancing has made it incredibly challenging to witness documents, and probably impossible if someone is already in hospital. Immediate emergency law change (in line with New Zealand’s response to the crisis) is required – see HERE for an article by our Head of Legal Content, Sam Warner, explaining this pressing issue in more detail.

Arken is strongly advocating for an emergency law change to allow for digital signatures or remote witnessing. Your clients deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their Wills, LPA’s and other estate planning documents can be validly executed during these extraordinary and unsettling times.

Please join us in contacting your MP and your industry body representatives to add your voice to this debate. We have created a sample email that you are welcome to use, and your MP’s contact details can be found here (find your MP's email).

Special offers

During May and June 2020, you can sign up for a rolling monthly subscription instead of making a 12 month commitment. 

We are removing any setup fees for our products. 

We are discounting our Online Will Service by 50% of the monthly subscription to help during this time. 

Talk to us also about Trust Referencer for your team while remote working.


Useful documents during COVID-19

General Powers of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney is particularly useful in the current climate where Lasting Powers of Attorney registrations can potentially take several weeks. If a client has not authorised a person to act on their behalf and they become incapacitated – due to COVID-19 or otherwise – there may be significant difficulty in managing their affairs for them without first getting a court order. Indeed, a spouse may not even be able to operate a joint bank account to access mortgage payments if they are not authorised by the joint signatory to act on their behalf in case of incapacitation.  We have put together a fact sheet with more useful information. 

We ran a webinar looking at GPAs, outlining why clients should consider a GPA in tandem with an LPA when they make their Will and demonstrated how quick and easy it is to create one in Arken Professional.

Advance Decisions

Advance Decisions specify your clients' wishes directly to a medical professional. You can access a fact sheet with more information or watch our webinar on how to draft an Advance Decision for your clients, including the different types available and why it is so important for clients to make these binding instructions directly to their medical professionals.


Business Continuity during COVID-19

We're running a series of webinars, specifically tailored to the COVID-19 climate, to help you continue and grow your business during this time:

Business Continuity during COVID-19 - part 1

This webinar goes through ways in which you can help your clients during this time without the need to visit them, how you can communicate this to them sensitively and also how you can use technology to help in taking instructions remotely.

It covers the range of recommended documents, how to market to clients sensitively, who may be the most in need of documents at this time, remote working options, security, online Wills and tools to support in the short term.

View it here

Business Continuity during COVID-19 - part 2

This part 2 looks at where we are a month on from this and the next steps to take from a business, staff and legal perspective.

View it here

Online Wills - Why Offer them to Clients (and Why Particularly during COVID-19) 

There has been significant growth in online Wills over the last year or so and the demand has been ever greater during the COVID-19 outbreak. In this webinar, we look at who may be wanting to do an online Will, how the demand is increasing and why now is a good time to start offering one as part of your mix of services.

View it here

Online Will Service demonstration

In this webinar, we demonstrate the Arken Online Will Service - both the client experience and the back office to process any documents you wish to check.

View it here

Financial Management during COVID-19: Bryden Johnson Interview

Join MD of, Dave Newick, as he discusses best practice financial management for your business during COVID-19, with Jackie Wilding from chartered accountants, Bryden Johnson.

View it here

Marketing through the COVID-19 Outbreak

Marketing the need to make a Will is difficult at the best of times, but how do you pitch it correctly during this time? What products should you be offering now? What price? Why do you need to change your marketing strategy? In this webinar, we discuss product, price, place, people and the all important look at promotion and how you can market in a sensitive way.

View it here

Trust Referencer: A Guide to Trust Taxation Available Anywhere, Anytime

While remote working, it is easy to miss those quick reference tools that are readily available in the office. Arken's Trust Referencer is a tool that any of your team can access remotely - at any time, anywhere there is an internet connection. With downloadable personalised reports on each testamentary or Inter Vivos Trust, this tool ensures all clients or trustees are aware of the taxation implications of any Trusts.

View it here

Less Stress, More Strategy: Mastering Mindfulness during COVID-19

The purpose of mindfulness is to bring new awareness to self, to others and to situations. With many people working remotely during the current COVID-19 climate, it’s certainly a new situation to get our heads around – both personally and professionally. Clients’ needs and expectations will be experiencing changes, too. Seeing things from a new perspective opens up a range of different possibilities and actions. New thinking and new behaviour arise from being more mindful and, in this way, change can be instant and painless. Join MD of, Dave Newick, as he interviews Jenny Robinson – a Mindfulness and Leadership Coach, and Co-Author of Coaching on the Go: How to lead your team in 10 minutes a day (FT/Pearson, 2019) – and discover how mindfulness can impact your practice for the better. Jenny is also Director of Hinton & Co – a consultancy specialising in motivation, leadership and performance, based in Oxford.

View it here

The Arken Product Suite - a demonstration of how you can digitise your Will drafting business

See the full Arken product suite - combining online Wills, Arken Professional, Arken Acquire, Arken Anywhere and Trust Referencer. Explore how you can digitise your Will and other document drafting while improving your client experience, managing your risk and increasing productivity. We walk through different instruction taking scenarios such as online Wills, digital fact finds, remote instruction taking as well as the popular Arken Professional.

View it here

Upcoming Arken Webinars

A range of free-to-access webinars for supporting you through COVID-19

  • Digitisation: Why Digitise & How To Get Started - Wednesday 27th May, 10-11am
  • Business Continuity during COVID-19 (part 3): Releasing Lockdown - Wednesday 3rd June, 10-11am

Arken cloud-based solutions

Arken Professional

Cloud-based professional advisor drafting tool for Wills, LPAs, GPAs, Advance Decisions, as well as Expression of Wishes and Severance of Joint Tenancy.

Faster drafting to meet increased demand, peer review and cross company document sharing, allows different types of users for utilising all staff.

Arken Acquire

Quickly and remotely capture data from your client that can easily be imported into Arken Professional for fast drafting of their documents. 

Also use in conjunction with the Online Will Service to capture details for more complex Will instructions or for lead generation

Arken Online Will Service

Clients are currently looking for a quick and easy solution for putting their affairs in order.’s Online Will Service answers this with either a comprehensive self service Will, or an option to have it checked by you – their trusted advisor. 

Trust Referencer

Online reference tool that shows all the tax implications of Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts.

Ideal reference that staff can access outside of the office.  Personalised client reports can be downloaded.

Arken Anywhere

If you have remote instruction takers that you don't wish to see the document being drafted, they can use Arken Anywhere to input instructions which can easily be synchronised back to the main drafter for completion. 

If you would like a demonstration of our solutions, please book here

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