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Arken Webinar Wednesdays

A series of 'how-to' webinars and case studies for current users to assist in the use of Arken.

To register for these webinars or see recordings of sessions you have missed, please email us at support@arken.legal or look out for our email newsletters that will give you booking details. 


  • Testamentary Promises and Non-Provisions Clauses - 26th Feb, 10am

As a general proposition, people in England and Wales have testamentary freedom to leave their property to whoever they wish. There are, however, instances in which the Courts can intervene, for example if someone has a reasonable expectation of being provided for in a Will (for example a child or partner) or if someone has provided a service to the testator during their lifetime in the reasonable expectation that they will receive a bequest under that person’s Will. This webinar will give an overview of potential circumstances where a Court may become involved in limiting a person’s testamentary freedom. We will then show you how to include a non-provision clause in Arken Professional.

  • Unmarried Couples - 4th March, 10am

The number of couples choosing to cohabit without marrying is on the rise. In 17.9% of two-parent families, the couple is unmarried – this equates to around 3.3 million families. 2019 saw the first unmarried couple move into 10 Downing Street, highlighting the increasing social acceptability of the decision not to marry, and indicating that the trend away from marriage is likely to continue. What will surprise many cohabiting families is that the colloquially bandied-about concept of “common law spouse” has had no legal force since it was abolished in 1753, and the law in England and Wales can apply most inequitably to unmarried couples when compared to their formally spliced counterparts. While Arken.legal strongly advocates that everyone should have a Will, it is even more important for unmarried couples to ensure that their wishes are taken into account, particularly in relation to rights and responsibilities in relation to children, property ownership and rights to be consulted in relation to personal care. This extended webinar will look at the legal issues around being in an unmarried partnership and the utmost importance of creating a Will, LPAs and Advance Decisions for such clients.

  • New User Training - 10th March, 10am

  • Case Study: Owning Property and Complex Distribution - 11th March, 10am

    This case study will look at mirroring wills, gifts of specific property and conditions attaching to such gifts and taking into account advances to children that have been made during the lifetime of the testator.

  • Expression of Wishes to Trustees and Executors - 18th March, 10am

    A discretionary trust is often created in the broadest of terms to give trustees maximum flexibility to assess and adapt financial provision to changing circumstances. Expressions of Wishes to Trustees and Executors give a testator the ability to give guidance to their trustees to direct them as to their intentions when they are exercising their discretion under a Will. These documents have the advantage that a testator can change their mind multiple times without having to edit and re-sign their Will. Together with an Arken Professional Will, this document – available as part of every Arken Professional package – will allow clients to fully define what is to happen when they pass away.

  • New User Training - 14th April, 10am


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Wills as a Revenue Stream - For Accountants

In conjunction with the ICAEW, find out how to make a new revenue stream by offering Wills and associated estate planning documentation. 

As an accountant you are ideally placed to provide estate planning advice to your clients. In this webinar we explore strategies to help you build a successful Will and probate practice, showing you how to build a probate practice through creating a Will bank, strategies to leverage existing client relationships, using Wills to acquire new clients, best practice to build a Will and probate service and manage risk and ensure efficiency. This 60 minute webinar will help you learn strategies to research whether a Will and probate practice makes sense for your business, understand how successful players in the industry operate and gain insights into the financial rewards of a successful practice.

Please email support@arken.legal and we will send you a recording. 

Our Digital Future - Millennials? Blockchain? AI... and People?

The legal sector is confronting unprecedented change through digitisation. Discover the potential impacts and opportunities that change will create. Explore how technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will shape the delivery of services and how Private Client practices can harness these technologies to create services for the critical customer group, the Millennials. With technology-driven change, where and how do Humans fit in to deliver future services? Dave Newick, MD of Arken.legal (UK) Ltd, takes you through the minefield of digitisation in this 60 minute webinar. 

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Embrace Digital Technology to Help Grow your Business

In a world today where over half the news is digested online, we are trialling driverless vehicles, we try on glasses from the comfort of our own sofa and use Alexa to switch on our heating or tell us if we need an umbrella today, it is not hard to see how consumer expectations are changing and how digital solutions play an ever-increasing part in society. The same is true for businesses with a whole wave of technology helping companies to be more efficient, more strategic, faster, and in the cyber security and regulatory environment we live in, to be as secure as possible.

The market is also flooded with Generation Y – or Millennials – who are now between 20 and 35-years-old and are the most powerful consumers in history. Their expectations and influence are very different - they believe and trust online recommendations.

We must, as businesses, tackle these trends and ensure we are the next success story. Do we understand AI, automation, big data, predictive analytics, SaaS, blockchain, the latest social media platforms?

We need to automate as many of the low-level tasks as possible – use technology for workflow and document generation, and at the same time reduce human error and get insights at the touch of the button. Make processes faster, more efficient and safer. Be more secure by embracing Cloud technology rather than try to manage security in-house. Focussing on creating time for yourself to be that trusted business advisor through using the technology and expertise created by specialist businesses. With integration being a key part of the digital journey, today you can easily pull together different systems to work in tandem and solve problems you may not even realise you have.

Dave Newick, MD of Arken.legal takes you through the latest developments in technology – what they all mean and how you can use them to your advantage.

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Discover Arken and Achieve Growth and Efficiency in your Private Client Business

Whether you are looking to automate your Wills and probate business, to create efficiencies in document generation, ensure consistency in your Wills and associated documents and improve your customer experience or indeed increase security to your business processes, Arken can help achieve all this and more. Arken.legal (previously known as DPL Professional) explains in this 60 minute presentation and demonstration of the product, just how you can achieve the maximum throughout and start on your digitisation journey. With exciting development plans to assist you in your online journey, Arken partners with your firm to help drive productivity and assist with risk management.  

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The Changing Buying Habits of the Generations in Wills and Estate Planning

Are you a baby boomer, a Generation X, a Y or even a Z? What is a Millennial and how will they shape the future look of your Wills and estate planning business?

Join Dave Newick, Arken.legal MD as he continues his successful series of thought leadership webinars to hear about how you will need to change your approach to suit the buying habits of upcoming generations.

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Connecting with Customers Post GDPR

GDPR is a very well-used phrase that everyone is fed up of hearing about – personally we will have received 10, 20 or 30 emails about opt ins! However, we can’t escape from the size and importance of this new legislation and how it will impact all businesses across the country including the private client and estate planning sector.

All clients must actively consent, so businesses will find that 75% to even 90% of their current marketing data will not be able to be used going forward so this will change the nature of the relationship. It is all about quality in the future and not quantity. The focus, post GDPR, must all be on quality conversations and interactions with fewer people. It needs to be a different level of engagement and businesses need to find a new customer interaction strategy. GDPR is a massive change but with all change comes opportunity and firms that fail to innovate when change is happening, tend to fail.

Dave Newick, MD of Arken.legal, will take you through how you can communicate in this post GDPR world.

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How to Build a Growth Engine: Sales & Marketing Tips for Private Client

During this webinar Dave Newick, MD of Arken.legal, will explore how you can 'build a growth engine'. This will include sales and marketing advice for practices, including digital and social media strategies and tips.

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Request Recordings

If you are a user of Arken, and you have missed some of the webinars listed below, and would like to watch them, please send us an email to support@arken.legal and we will send you a recording. 

  • How to Manage your Users within Arken

  • How to do Mirror Documents 

  • How to Customise Arken for your Brand and Needs

  • How to Create a Multi-Part Will

  • How to Create and Mirror LPAs in Arken

  • How to Create a Severance of Joint Tenancy, SEV Form and an Expressions of Wishes

  • How to Deal with Contemplation of Marriage 

  • How to Manage an Overseas Property

  • Trusts - Part 1 - Discretionary Trusts 

  • Trusts - Part 2 - Business and BPRT

  • Trusts - Part 3 - Vulnerable Persons Trust

  • Training for New Users

  • Case Study 1: Residuary Gifts

  • Case Study 2

  • LPA Preferences and Instructions

  • Trusts - Part 4 - Nil-Rate Band Trusts

  • Advance Decisions

  • Case Study 3 - Creating Mirror Wills & Dealing with Levels of Distribution

  • Benham Provisions

  • STEP Provisions

  • Creating a Trust at the End of a Life Interest

  • Vulnerable Beneficiaries Trust Case Study

  • Building a Growth Engine - Sales & Marketing Advice for Private Client

  • Creating a Trust at the End of a Life Interest (Part 2)

  • Property and Severance of Joint Tenancy

  • Directions in Relation to Health and Welfare

  • Arken Anywhere - The Power of Arken on-the-Move

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Affairs

  • Arken Import - Seamlessly Move Your Client Data to Arken

  • Arken Acquire: New product demonstration

  • General Powers of Attorney

  • Guardianship

  • Pets

  • LPA Registration

  • Executorship

  • Business Ownership