Learn How To Write Wonderful Wills

Join Arken.legal for a one-day training course all about writing Wills, for £250 per person. The course is designed to help you hit the ground running as you start your new business venture! 

One-day training course, 24th May, 9-5pm, £250 per person

Join Arken.legal for a one-day training course all about writing Wills, for £250 per person. The course is designed to help you hit the ground running as you start your new business venture! 

The training covers everything you need to know when starting out and is delivered by a member of our internal Legal team – Harriet Betteridge. Harriet has worked as a private client solicitor for over 8 years and has extensive experience in estate planning.  

At the end of the training course, you will: 

  1. Know the terminology and key considerations when drafting a Will. 
  2. Understand the steps and process involved in completing a Will. 
  3. Be aware of what should be included in a Will. 
  4. Understand the impact of inheritance tax, Trusts, gifting, and family business interests on Will drafting. 
  5. Be able to deal with clients who have foreign assets. 
  6. Be able to deliver good quality Wills and a superior customer service.  

Full agenda

An Introduction to Will writing (45 minutes) 

  • What is a Will and why do you need one? 
  • What are the formal requirements? 
  • Mental Capacity and digital capacity assessments 
  • The rules of intestacy 
  • Challenges to Wills 
  • The effect of marriage and divorce 

Drafting the Will (2-3 hours) 

The people involved: 

  • Testator 
  • Executors and Trustees 
  • Guardians 

15-minute break 


  • Different types of gift: specific legacies, demonstrative legacies, pecuniary legacies and residuary gifts 
  • An overview of trusts and when they can be useful 
  • Gifts to children including setting age conditions and per stirpes gifts to remoter descendants 
  • Options for gifting common types of assets: personal possessions, the family home and business interests 
  • Charitable gifts 


Other common clauses in wills 

  • Funeral wishes 
  • Non-provision clauses 
  • Administrative provisions 

How to avoid common drafting pitfalls 

Inheritance tax – an overview (1 hour) 

  • How inheritance tax is calculated 
  • Nil Rate Band 
  • Residence Nil Rate Band 
  • Transferable Nil Rate Band and Residence Nil Rate Band 
  • Lifetime gifts 
  • Exemptions and reliefs 

15-minute break

Dealing with foreign jurisdictions (20 mins) 

The practical process of putting together a Will (30 mins) 

  • Taking instructions 
  • The drafting process 
  • Signing the Will 


About Harriet

Harriet is a qualified solicitor who joined Arken in January 2022 to look after the legal content of the products. Harriet has eight years of experience working as a private client solicitor for top 100 firms with expertise in Wills, trusts, mental capacity and tax. 

Harriet is a full member of STEP. She has been awarded a STEP Worldwide Excellence Award and in 2021 was named as one of Eprivateclient’s Top 35 under 35. 


  • Arken is an absolutely fantastic tool. It is extremely easy to use and has helped our practices in Will drafting to a huge extent. I could not be without it now. I would recommend to any legal specialist looking to invest in Will writing software. Very cost effective too.” 

  • “We did a careful review of available solutions and chose Arken, as it has a very user-friendly and intuitive user experience, helped us with an improvement in our working practices, introduced time efficiencies and facilitated our ability to standardise our processes and mitigate our risks. The support team at Arken are excellent – very responsive and invested time to understand our needs. We had extensive support before and after going live. Arken is very easy to use, the templates are consistent and we have reliable support.” 

  • “Following a well-planned and successful implementation, we are delighted to see how the Arken software has enabled us to streamline our approach to Will drafting. We are now producing consistent Wills which use uniform clauses across all of our lawyers. The commentary document which complements the drafted Will is extremely helpful to our customers.”

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