What's new - Arken 4.0 update for the UK

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2 May 2018

The following features and functions have been added to the UK version of Arken

Single View

Single View has been added to enable those Arken users with smaller screens to more effectively use Arken. In Single View Arken will display either the instructions or document. You can toggle between viewing these easily. To enter Single View just select the 'Single View' button and to return back to Dual View select 'Dual Screen'.





Password protecting PDF documents

You can now password protect the PDF documents you download from Arken, adding an extra level of security.

To protect your documents select the password protection option before downloading the document pack.





Deleting documents and clients

A delete button has been added to both the Document Details tab and the Client Profile. Use this feature to permanently delete a document or a client. This feature enables Arken to support the right to erasure.





Additional Changes

There have been a number of smaller changes requested that have been implemented in this release.

  • Added additional options to customise the date on the cover sheet.
  • Added option for will writing businesses to allow professional appointments.
  • Added blank registration form to LPA packs if registration section is not completed.
  • Added client interview section to LPA interview.
  • Added additional default beneficiary options into trusts.
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements.