Welcome to Arken.legal

23 May 2018

The next evolution in our product and business is underway.

We have been extremely happy with the success of Arken and have decided that the best way to continue our growth is to make Arken its own company.

We have big plans for Arken. Today, Arken is the best document generation service for creating Wills and Powers of Attorney and we want Arken to become the platform that you and your clients use for your ongoing estate planning and the end-of-life conversations you have with clients. A service that enables you to acquire more clients and for clients to initiate a discussion with you. We have made these changes to ensure we can deliver this vision to you.

A new company Arken.legal Ltd has been formed and includes the Arken product, the highly experienced individuals from the teams that developed it and all other DPL Professional assets. Arken.legal Ltd will be a global business with offices in UK, Australia and NZ.

We continue to focus on the UK market and are investing in building the team to ensure Arken can continue to meet your needs and become an even more valuable tool. We have also established a development centre in Auckland, New Zealand to increase the rate at which we deliver product features and additional value to you. Having two development centres geographically dispersed can ensure that Arken is maintained to the high standard expected of the industry.

Why are we doing this?

We have made the decision to establish one global company to focus on sales and development, and ensure that we can more effectively deliver what you and your clients need.  You will benefit by having a larger team behind Arken, one that can bring a global perspective to the estate planning industry and quickly deliver the features you need.


I'm an existing Arken user, will I be affected?

If you are an existing user of Arken don’t worry we still have the depth of experience and capability that built the product you use. You can still get in contact using the details on the arken.legal website and we will provide you with our new email addresses.  Some other changes you will notice: -
•    There will be some small changes to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to reflect the change in supplier.
•    You will receive invoices from Arken.legal Ltd rather than Documents Plus Limited in the UK or Kowhiri in Australasia. There will be no change in pricing for existing users.
•    Arken users will need to re-enter their payment details in to the system the next time we require payment.

I'm an existing DPL Professional customer, will I be affected?

If you are an existing user of a DPL Professional service (Chameleon, Sure Will Writer or Professional Wills) you will become an Arken.legal customer. You will remain on your current product, but we’d love to see you switch to Arken and take advantage of the improved capability.

There will be some changes though: -
•    There will be changes to your contracts to reflect the change in supplier.
•    Our support email address will change to support@arken.legal.
There will be no other changes to our contact details. The UK team will be the same people, if you need to contact them please use the same phone numbers.

Please be assured you will continue to be supported in accordance with your contract.


How do I contact support?

Only our email domain will change to reflect the new organisation. All other contact and support details will remain the same.

  • UK Support Contacts: +44 01732 867792
  • Australian Support Contacts: 1800 953 049
  • New Zealand Support Contacts: 0800 569 447

Will DPL Professional be launching any more services?

Arken.legal will be providing service and support for all DPL Professional solutions. All existing clients will be supported in accordance with the terms of their agreements, this includes maintaining and updating precedents for all relevant systems. However, all new developments will be made to Arken and at this stage DPL Professional will not be launching any new services.

Will existing DPL services be supported?

Yes, if you have a current licence for a DPL Professional service your system will still be supported through the current helpdesk. There will be no changes to the quality or how you receive support. Please use support@arken.legal and the same phone number (+44 01732 867792) to receive service.

The people supporting your systems will be the same people and we are confident that you will experience the same level of support.

Will DPL Professional's precedents be upgraded?

Arken.legal will be maintaining and supporting the precedents for existing DPL Professional systems, while there are customers using those systems.

Will my current Service Level change?

There will be no change in service level or delivery commitments.

Can I purchase new licences for DPL Professional services?

If you are an existing DPL Professional customer using an existing DPL service, you can purchase additional licenses from Arken.legal.

How long will my DPL Professional service be maintained?

Arken.legal will maintain the current range of DPL Professional Services while existing client contracts are in place and were technology permit us. We have however ‘grandfathered’ DPL’s services, which means there will be no new sales of these services, but precedents will be maintained and supported, and existing clients can purchase additional licences until the end of their contracts.

Billing and payments

What changes will I notice?

If you are an Arken customer, invoices and receipts will now come from Arken.legal Ltd.

Maintaining service (interruption avoidance)

What do I have to do to maintain service?

As a current Arken client you will become a customer of the new company Arken.Legal Ltd. The terms and conditions will change to reflect this, but there is nothing you need to do to continue to use Arken.

As a DPL Professional client there is nothing you need to do. You will remain on the current product and with a small change to the contract to reflect the new supplier.