Business Continuity during COVID-19: Releasing Lockdown

All legal advisors
10 August 2020

Since lockdown measures have begun to ease and some businesses have - or are considering - a potential return to the office if it's safe to do so, what do you need to consider? In this webinar, we take a look at key drivers for both you and your staff. From agile working and new business policies, to managing clients.

What ways of working will stay for the future, which will revert? How do we plan for a potential spike in cases and a lockdown phase 2? What do you physically have to think about in terms of employees safely returning to the office and new social distancing guidelines?

Then we will consider the staff. What is the best way to un-furlough staff? How can you re-engage with them and the staff that have continued working? How do you allay the fears of some who may be worried about returning to the office or those that see self-isolation rules as a way of staying at home?

Join MD of, Dave Newick, and Head of Client Engagement, Pippa Shepherd, as they explore these key themes and more…

Part 3 - Releasing Lockdown (recorded 3rd June 2020)


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