Connecting with Customers Post GDPR

September 27, 2018

GDPR is a very well-used phrase that everyone is fed up of hearing about – personally we will have received 10, 20 or 30 emails about opt ins! However, we can’t escape from the size and importance of this new legislation and how it will impact all businesses across the country including the private client and estate planning sector.


All clients must actively consent, so businesses will find that 75% to even 90% of their current marketing data will not be able to be used going forward so this will change the nature of the relationship. It is all about quality in the future and not quantity. The focus, post GDPR, must all be on quality conversations and interactions with fewer people. It needs to be a different level of engagement and businesses need to find a new customer interaction strategy. GDPR is a massive change but with all change comes opportunity and firms that fail to innovate when change is happening, tend to fail.


Dave Newick, MD of, will take you through how you can communicate in this post GDPR world.

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