Marketing through the COVID-19 Outbreak

All legal advisors
30 June 2020

Sadly, there is a demand for Wills due to the implications of COVID-19 – so the need to communicate your services to help those looking to organise their affairs, is still very important. However, the needs of the buyer have changed, which will impact how you conduct your marketing activity. The key driver when looking for a service is no longer necessarily cost or quality – it’s time.

Technology has been embraced like never before. Businesses are turning to tech to enable efficiency and consistency while working remotely. People are logging into video conferences to stay connected. Everyone is digitising their day-to-day to stay in touch and transact. This is a potential legacy that will influence buying decisions beyond COVID-19.

View a recording of our webinar (presented on 21st April 2020), for ideas and recommendations on how to approach Product, Price, People, Place and Promotion during this time:

If you're strapped for time, we've listed below our Head of Client Engagement, Pippa Shepherd's, list of communication options and messaging considerations:

Communication - what, how & where

  • Helpful content. Invest in producing content that's designed to help and advise your clients during this time. It can be directly or broadly relevant to your offering e.g. the benefits of a GPA or ways to get your affairs in order as quickly and as safely as possible. Host this on your website and promote through your social media and e-marketing channels. If you aren't able to update your website quickly, consider publishing a LinkedIn article
  • Digital. An obvious investment. The starting point for many, this is where people are researching a solution to their requirement. (Have you considered an Online Will Service?)
  • Social media. Broadcast your helpful content. A good platform for connecting with people and getting your brand out there. If you have time, build your presence, build your brand and gain followers for when we are out of this
  • Spokesperson/speaking opportunities – can you still get in front of people - but virtually?

Messaging - content & tone

  • Acknowledge and adhere to government advice alongside your own
  • Be positive and reassuring – keep it short, keep it clear, use simple language
  • Make sure it is about your brand values – don’t lose sight of them and make sure it is 100% on brand
  • Content – advice, help, recommendations. Look for ways to help – focus on your expertise or experience and help people – that is what worried, concerned people want at the moment
  • Client-focused – ‘As a valued client, I just wanted to reach out to see how you and your family are. Do you have any questions at this time that we can help you answer?’ Start the conversation – don’t ‘sell’ in the first message – listen, don’t take over
  • Communicate offers but don’t look as if you are trying to benefit from the situation. If you have completed a Will for a client, you can write a letter to them or email, say that if there is anyone else in the family that would like peace of mind at this time then please encourage them to get in touch and we are offering a discount at this time of xx% for them
  • Positivity – If you are looking for peace of mind (positive word) as opposed to “Are you worried? (negative word)
  • Live in the same world as your customers – don’t advertise pictures of happy families as the key image at the moment, people in a pub socialising – live where we are all living at the moment. Images have to be very sensitive. Be more practical here rather than aspirational
  • But don’t be afraid of communicating! People need solutions – there is a need and you can help in this instance
  • Valuable message for consumers: there is a need, you are trying to help deliver important services. You are a key worker!
  • Stay relevant – your offer has to suit the marketplace
  • Non-essentials – forget about for now unless it is relevant to today’s situation

Most importantly – think about your legacy, your brand and what you would like to have changed or reinforced once we’re out the other side of this pandemic. Where will you be in 2021, 2022? What you do now could very well influence your future brand, your future customer base and your future success.

For further help and advice during COVID-19, please visit the dedicated section of our website.