Music To Manage Your Mood

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26 November 2020

There’s a reason every good movie has a soundtrack, that’s because films manipulate how you feel about the characters and plot. Knowing this, you can use music to your advantage particularly as we get into winter darkness and more staying-safe-at-home. If your mood is wilting, make yourself a 21st Century Mix Tape! Here goes:

1. First on your list should be Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music soundtrack. Not a fan of Julie Andrews? Fair enough. Actually, the reason this track should be on your list is it reminds you to do something outside that gets your heart racing. This isn’t about ‘keep fit’ so much as the benefits of fresh air - for deep breathing; a racing pulse - to get rid of stress chemicals; and extra lumens from the sun - even on a dull day, they are stronger than anything you get inside. Simple steps will work – walk up a hill, round the block even up and down stairs when it’s raining!

2. Also, on your list we recommend Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. A reminder, to dance, sing, do a crazy salsa or anything. Move your body for the FUN of it. Find a safe and private space and let yourself go. The stretching, writhing, sheer silliness of dancing to your own groove is life enhancing.

3. Don’t forget Happy by Pharrell Williams. If you’re not happy then it is time to do something for someone else. Yes, that’s right. Just when you feel the mopeyest think of a random act of kindness for your neighbour or a friend, literally anyone. We are creatures of community and the brain chemistry is wired for connection. Your unselfish and giving behaviour will give you a boost like no other.

4. Lastly, find your anthem. That cheesy classic you’d be embarrassed to confess to loving but love it, you do. Anthems are written to make you feel like a superstar and right now there’s no harm in that.

You don’t need the best sound system, the most up to date headphones or any mod cons. Simply build a feel-good soundtrack for your life. Be a film maker and change the mood music. You’ll be amazed how much better you can feel.

Written by Mindfulness & Leadership coach, Jenny Robinson


Jenny, along with Dr Phil Renshaw is the author of Coaching On the Go: How to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes a day published by FT/Pearson (2019).

About 15 years ago, Jenny suffered a tragedy which caused her to spend almost a year poleaxed. Her rehabilitation back to a full life was through the madness of alpaca farming and learning mindfulness. With her joie de vivre fully re-established, Jenny now works on leadership development and as a mindfulness coach to senior executives.

If you would like to get in contact with Jenny, please email:

Jenny has previously participated in a joint webinar with MD of, Dave Newick: Less Stress, More Strategy - Mastering Mindfulness during COVID-19. View the recording here.