My First Year at Arken

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6 October 2020 and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary together, and to mark the occasion, I thought I’d give an insight into my first twelve months as Marketing Manager.  

But be warned, this article is not what it seems. Rather than talk to you about projects I’ve worked on (and there’s been a lot since I started – our development team work at cheetah speed, so there’s always new launches to plan and product enhancements to promote – I know, it’s a hard problem to have!) - I thought I’d share more of a personal insight as I step out from behind-the-scenes of our company social accounts. 

Things I’ve discovered about Arken...

1. We like to bet. 

We regularly run bets with our MD, Dave Newick. He usually loses – and ends up having to do forfeits like this one.

Please note – no money exchanges hands, only begrudgingly delivered videos... (select the image to play video):

2. We LOVE dogs.

You might have spotted our #barkenlegal posts – we’re very much a dog-friendly office and find having pet pooches around add another level of happy during our day. We’re lucky to be situated in Westerham, so Arthur and Bruce particularly enjoy venturing out into the Kent countryside at lunch time in between daytime snoozes under Sam and John’s desks. 

3. A happy HQ. HQ was redesigned last year (thank you Cre8tive Space), giving us a fantastic space to work and collaborate in – from sit/stand desks, a private booth, a boardroom, kitchen, and more. Our brand values and mission line the walls, alongside bright orange boards filled with stats and creative ideas to drive towards and implement.

There’s also a PlayStation for anyone looking to unwind during lunch with a game of socially-distanced footy. If it’s a nice day, we’ll go for walks around leafy Westerham, too: 

4. It’s a cliché – but we’re like a family. 

You’ll find the above statement on many About Us sections of websites, but after a year of working at Arken, this is exactly the case. I’m pretty sure I could tell you most about the team’s home set-ups, drinks of choice, holiday stories, favourite TV shows growing up… And funnily enough, a lot of getting to know the team came from lockdown. 4pm every Friday, we dial into Zoom and catch up with ‘quarantinis’ – setting our backgrounds to a weekly theme. From ‘favourite film discovered during lockdown’ to ‘can't-live-without meal’, I’ve learnt a lot about everyone’s (in some cases questionable) likes and dislikes. The team was close before but during the events of 2020, we’re closer than ever. We were thrilled to see each other in person again as we’ve been safely returning to HQ on a rota basis since July – I’m looking forward to the day we’re all back in together as a group again.

5. Supportive, collaborative, ambitious. 

I’ve been lucky enough to love all my previous roles, but having put my career on pause to have my two sons (now 3 and 2), returning to work with a new (huge) responsibility in my life, was a new normal that I needed to navigate. As point 4 above proves, the welcome and support I received across the team was brilliant from the get-go. I had introductions booked in with the leadership team, received comprehensive training and quickly realised where is heading. It is without doubt a company that’s going places, so I’m thrilled that my step back into the workplace has been with Arken, as they really do champion and support their staff to be the best they can be, making Arken what it is today and what it will become in the future.  

Here’s to the next 12 months!

- Written by Jenny Lambert, Marketing Manager

No longer a newbie, I’d like to pass this baton onto our next hire. Would you like to be part of the Arken team? We’re currently hiring! All the details can be found here: