Two Ways to Work Smarter in 2020

All legal advisors
2 December 2019

MD of, Dave Newick, shares his top two recommendations on how to work smarter (not harder!) in 2020. 

“Consider how prepared you are to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” continues Dave. “Set aside some time and consider how you use – and will use – technology to deliver services. Consider whether the way you work now is the best way to work… are there efficiencies? Can you use technology to be more adaptable, more engaged, to provide a better customer experience? Can you use technology to automate low-level tasks, enabling you to focus on what really matters?”

2020: The year to put your data hats on to delivery quality service and drive business growth. Discuss how your business will benefit from the Arken product suite by calling +44(0)1732 867 792, emailing or book a demo here.

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