Will Writing Software – What Arken.legal’s Clients Have to Say


Will Writing Software purportedly has a wide range of benefits, but rather than list them, why not read what the users themselves have to say. Afterall, who would know better than them? 


Saving Time & Money 


The most common report from clients is how they can “draft documents much faster,” creating “considerable time savings.” As the software helps them streamline the Will writing process from start to finish. Reducing the administrative burdens on senior fee earners. 


“Using the system saves a lot of time on data inputting, especially on the LPA drafting.” Not having to re-key in data is a particular time saver that our clients frequently highlight. They also report that it has created more time for them to “focus on other important areas, such as client retention and new business.” 


Driving Consistency 


Client’s also frequently talk about how Arken’s software helps them in “producing consistent Wills which use uniform clauses across all of our lawyers.” 


The precedents and clause banks are written and monitored by a Legal Advisory Board at Arken; the wording is automatically put into the documents, depending on the sections of the Will that are completed. Saving them from copy and pasting from Word documents and spending hours researching and updating precedent banks. Even the commentary is automated and numerous clients have fed back that this is “extremely helpful.” 


“It also makes the peer review process much easier, as the wording and formatting of each document is produced in a consistent format with consistent wording.” Helping to alleviate the pressure on senior fee earners, who frequently check complex documents.  


Training Junior Staff 


Arken’s clients also report that the Will Writing Software makes training junior members of staff much easier, and much more straightforward. “Trainee solicitors find the software easy to use and drafting Wills has become a much smoother and more streamlined process.” 


Client Focus & New Business 


Because less time is consumed by administrative tasks and the wording across documents is more consistent. Senior fee earners can spend more time with clients and produce documentation requested by clients much faster. Helping them to “provide a better client experience” and “create better looking, comprehensive outcomes for our clients.” 


Clients also report that “using Arken’s wider product suite has helped us to reach more potential clients and capture client data, digitally and effectively.” 


Thanks for Reading 


At Arken.legal we pride ourselves on delivering the most comprehensive estate planning software available on the market. Our goal is to support our clients, by automating the administration side so they can focus on what really matters to them – their clients.  


So far, we’ve helped over 6,000 professionals produce over 7 million Wills. For more information about how we could help you, please visit our website