LPA Support

You can download the Preferences and Instructions new layout support notes below, or follow the steps below.

Step 1

The Preferences and Instructions boxes in the questionnaire will expand as you key in your text or add your wording using the list function.

Step 2

You can include multiple preferences in one Preferences box and multiple instructions in one Instructions box.

Step 3

Be careful to check that the wording you have put in the text box on the left hand side shows correctly in the LPA document itself. If you have more than 9 lines in your first Preferences or Instructions box then some of the wording may be outside of the Preferences or Instructions box In Section 7 (page 8) of the LPA document.

Step 4

If all of your text does not fit in the relevant Preferences or Instructions box in Section 7 (page 8) of the LPA then you can select to use a continuation sheet and move any text which does not fit to the continuation sheet. An easy way to do that is to use the keyboard shortcuts for copy/pasting: ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

It is possible to add multiple continuation sheets as required.

Step 5

In order to download the LPA you will need to confirm that all of the Preferences and Instructions wording you have inserted in the LPA fits correctly in the Preferences, Instructions and continuation sheet boxes.

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