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As you grow, you need software to help you scale, and work efficiently and consistently. Using templates in Word is time-consuming especially for complex instructions, it’s confusing for new recruits and creates room for error. This can lead to longer wait times for your clients, frustrated colleagues, reduced productivity, and missed opportunities.

Double your output, reduce re-keying and administration, and decrease errors and risk

Arken Legal provides the most comprehensive Will writing software on the market.  It is designed by experts and is used by over 600 professional estate planners. The drafting software is easy to use and can help you produce Wills and associated documents, like LPAs for clients with simple to very complex wishes.

Grow your business, reduce your exposure to risk, and delight clients with Arken’s Will writing software.

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Key Benefits

  • Significantly increase the number of documents you can produce with the same resource
  • Reduce re-keying and administration with software that is intelligent and intuitive - only showing necessary questions and remembering key information
  • Reduce errors and risk by being guided by the questionnaire and mandatory fields and seeing the output as you draft on the right hand side of the screen
  • Unify the style and delivery of your documents for a consistent look and feel
  • Improve and modernise the client experience with bespoke commentaries for each client
  • Relax in the knowledge that your data is held as securely as possible with an industry-leading cloud provider, and you also benefit from password protection and other inbuilt controls
  • Integrate with key software, like your customer relationship management system or carry out a mental capacity check for enhanced risk management purposes

Key Features

  • Fast and consistent document creation for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJT), Expression of Wishes (EW), Expression of Wishes to Guardians (EWG), Advance Decisions (AD), and General Powers of Attorney (GPA)
  • Intelligent questionnaire functionality, with mandatory fields and alerts that guide you through drafting. Ensures information is captured and applied correctly, as per your client's individual requirements
  • Dual screen functionality, enabling you to review the document as it's drafted 
  • Commentary is automatically created and provided as a separate document, providing your clients with an easy-to-understand explanation of clauses, guardians’ and executors’ responsibilities, and other key information. You can also modify commentary as required
  • Pricing options for whether you are starting up, working with high volumes, or need an enterprise solution tailored to fit your needs

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