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New User Training

For any new company or user within a practice, we offer a free monthly new user training webinar.  This practical 2 -3 hour session steps you through all the document types, client creation and management, user management, customisations, and drafting of key documents. The next upcoming date for new user training can be found here

Alternatively, we are more than happy to carry out more bespoke face-to-face or virtual new user training. This will be chargeable and discussed during your onboarding process. 

Arken Advanced Training

Take your drafting to the next level and explore aspects of Arken that will enable you to tackle the most complex of Wills. We will be uncovering areas of the system that you might not have come across before as well as those that fall into the “tricky” category, allowing you to add nuance and flexibility to the complex Wills that are becoming more commonplace in today’s fast-moving world. This training is aimed at professionals who have already been using the system for a while and who are comfortable with the basics – it will build on your knowledge and help you to harness the sophistication of Arken to the benefit of your clients and your business.

This virtual course is chargeable and will be discussed at time of booking. 

For more information and to find out the date of the next session, please email

How-To Helpers

Arken users can access instructional how-to videos, covering a variety of subjects to help you improve your knowledge of Arken, such as:

  • How to mirror Wills and key documents
  • How to manage users
  • How to create a multi-part Will
  • How to create and mirror Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • How to create a Severance of Joint Tenancy, an SEV form and an Expression of Wishes
  • Trusts in Arken

- And many more.

Arken clients can access our How-To Helpers via their Arken account.

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Case Conundrums

Arken users can also access Case Conundrums - a series of videos that present an example scenario, and show how to swiftly accommodate for it within Arken Professional. An alternative way to learn the features of Arken and see how the solution can cater for complex instructions.

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