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Locating a will can be difficult and time-consuming. The NZ Will Registry provides one place for lawyers to register and search for Wills.

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The Registry holds the location of a Will

When it comes to Wills we understand we are dealing with the personal, sensitive information of New Zealanders. We also appreciate being able to find an individual’s last Will is vitally important. The trouble is they can often be hard to locate, making this a long and tedious process.

Kōwhiri created the New Zealand Will Registry to make finding a Will easy and cost-effective, with one place for lawyers to register and search for Wills.

The Will Registry was developed with extensive feedback from the New Zealand legal community – you’ll find it’s a secure, easy to use website that holds the location of registered Wills, so you can get in touch with the lawyer who holds the Will you’re looking for.

Managing Risk

We understand some firms will have a privacy policy that prevents sharing of information. That’s why the site is restricted to lawyers and their assistants, and only for the purposes of searching for a deceased person’s information, or under the instruction from a person if they are still alive. We also monitor ‘views’ to ensure data isn’t ‘scraped’ from the site.

Tested and secure

We also understand security of information is extremely important to you and your clients. You can be assured the Registry has completed and passed a full online penetration test conducted by a specialised, independent security company trusted by banks and other financial institutions.

Will Registry Features

  • Access for practicing lawyers

    An individual’s Will is a highly sensitive, personal document that must be protected. That’s why we worked closely with a leading law firm to make sure the Registry’s privacy policy and design complies with the Privacy Act. Only lawyers holding a current New Zealand Practicing Certificate can register to access the New Zealand Will Registry.

  • Access for your assistants

    With permission from the registered lawyer, an assistant can also register and use the Registry on the lawyer’s behalf.

  • Registration is free

    If you’re an approved lawyer, you can register for FREE! (Note: The Registry only stores the location of a Will, not a copy.)

  • Flexibility

    Wills can be registered individually or in bulk.

  • Cost-effective

    Searching the Registry is simple and inexpensive.

  • Seek help

    Can’t find a will? You can message all registered lawyers and ask if they have a copy.

Will Registry Benefits

  • Save time and money

    Find the Will you’re looking for quickly and easily, reducing your time and cost.

  • Locate a Will quickly

    If you’re acting as executor you’ll want to efficiently and accurately fulfill your clients wishes and your obligations – registering a client’s Will helps lawyers to find it quickly and easily.

What users say...

  • "The NZ Will Registry is a fantastic resource - a simple and long overdue alternative to find where a Will is held. We're now registering all our clients' Wills with the NZ Will Registry"

    Richard Broad

    Head of Legal - Personal Client Services

    Perpetual Guardian

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