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Online Wills

As a successful practitioner, your team probably spends most of their time drafting documents. They might even spend the majority of their time, with a small percentage of your client base with complex needs.  

But what about the clients that have more simple requirements? Don’t lose them to new online Will services, when you can offer your own.   This is especially important as you look to target younger clientele (Millennials) who are having important life events like buying property, getting married, or having families and want a more immediate solution.

Online Will software for estate planning professionals

Arken.legal provides customisable Online Will software that can easily be added to your website and offered as a new service to new and existing clients.  

The Wills are created using an intelligent questionnaire that collects information and produces a Will pack, which includes commentary and signing instructions. It also highlights the clients that have more complex requirements, where an online Will isn't appropriate, and therefore can act as a type of lead generator for your business for higher value bespoke drafting.  

As the practitioner, you can choose the level of service you want to provide using the software. You can simply send the pack straight to your clients, or offer to review it before delivery.  

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Key Benefits

  • A new revenue stream – increase income from clients with straightforward needs 
  • Reach new markets and prospects – add Arken Online Wills to your website and promote it to your existing customers and prospects as a new service
  • Don’t lose out to new competitors – there are a growing number of online Will solutions in the market so don't get left behind
  • Appeal to Millennial clients – provide a digitised service that works on mobile devices and can be a self-service option for immediate online delivery

Key Features

  • Fully automated or advised Wills - choose whether to provide a self-service offering with online payments or a checking service 
  • Secure access - your clients will have secure access to your Will writing platform through their own username and password 
  • Easy to use - help and support sit within the software, to ensure your clients enter the correct information 
  • Workflow management - our simple Workflow Manager makes sure that the documents produced follow a defined process 
  • Branding & customisation – customise the software to match your brand and positioning 
  • Set your pricing – apply a set price for simple Wills that can be downloaded with no-interaction, and different pricing for checking services 

Levels of service

Not every Will is a simple one, and Arken’s Online Will software helps to flag any issues that would prevent an online Will being appropriate. The software also makes it easy for your clients to contact you with their requirements if their needs are more complex and need professional advice.  

There are 3 different levels you can offer:  

The Premier service -  is an instant download – the client completes the questionnaire, makes payment, and downloads the Will pack (including a bespoke commentary and signing instructions) immediately. 

The Superior service - is similar to the Premier Service, but with the added step that you review/check the completed questionnaire before allowing the client to download the Will Pack. 

The Superior Plus service - is where the client completes the questionnaire and payment, you can then review the completed questionnaire and print and bind the Will pack in order to post it to the client. 


About Arken.legal

Arken.legal provides comprehensive software packages to estate planning professionals. Built by lawyers, for lawyers and professional estate planners, the products help meet the needs of forward-thinking solicitors and legal firms.  

Our leading product suite includes professional Will writing software, which is used by over 600 professionals. Arken.legal’s clients save a significant number of hours in administration each year, and the intelligent, intuitive questionnaire, including mandatory fields, dramatically reduce the room for error. You can also use the software to unify the style and delivery of your documents, providing your clients and colleagues with a consistent look and feel.  

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