Best practice, large or small

With Arken Professional, you get everything you need to effortlessly create documents

Everything you need to deliver accurate private client documents.


  • Re-use key information

    Capture and easily re-use client, address and asset information across all of your documents.

  • Mirror documents

    Mirror Wills and EPAs can be generated quickly and simply, saving valuable time and effort; the system also ensures accuracy between documents.

  • Reduce time

    Gather information quickly and accurately with intelligent Pick Lists which only display valid options.

  • Charity Database

    We store and update all major New Zealand Charities with addresses and charity numbers, reducing your work and the potential for errors.

  • Interview details

    Record interview information including date, location and attendees. Keep these details as a reference for your records if you need to support the validity of a document in the future.

  • Client capacity

    Automatic generation of appropriate attestation if client cannot read, write, or requires a translator.

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  • Intelligent, interactive questionnaire

    Arken only asks appropriate questions ensuring all relevant areas are addressed.

  • Cater for simple to comprehensive needs

    Arken satisfies the most complex scenarios. Check out how Arken can help you manage private client documents below.

  • Arken Controls

    Key controls are implemented to ensure no unintended duplication of money bequests, no merging of Trust interests and more.

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  • Wide range of estate documents

    Automatic generation of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney. Expression of Wishes coming soon.

  • Clear commentary provided

    Provide your clients with additional Commentary as a part of a document pack clearly describing the decisions they have made.

  • Custom clause library

    Create your own clauses that can be easily inserted in your Will documents.

  • Document editing

    Make any changes needed to a document with Arken's sophisticated editing functionality that is easy to use.

  • Customisable formats

    Change font types and sizes, paragraph numbering, page format, specify the option to sign each page and more.

  • Client-ready document packs

    Including a commentary that clearly describes the Will, explaining inter alia the role of executors, guardians, the administrative provisions, and advises the client on matters which they should be made aware of.

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  • Specific bequests

    Arken offers comprehensive precedents for bequests including options to purchase and digital assets.

  • Gifting

    A full range of options including, gifts to one person, named persons, groups, charities, Inter Vivos Trusts. Gifts can be given in % shares, which, in turn, can be sub-divided into % shares, with control to ensure no under or over allocation.

  • Distribution

    Provides for up to 6 levels of distribution to accommodate the most demanding of situation. Provides for up to 99 gifts at any level or class of gifts.

  • Trustee and executors

    Arken provides for same or separate Executor and Trustee appointments, including individual alternate and substitute appointments. Provides for appointment of separate Business and/or Literary Executors and specific Trustees for Testamentary Trusts.

  • Trust options

    Provides for Life Interests, Vulnerable Beneficiary, Discretionary, and Charitable Trusts including Wishes to Trustees.

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Arken has the most comprehensive feature set of any document generation service. To see further features, download the full list below.

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