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Write Wills the easy way with Arken’s Will drafting software. This intuitive solution guides you through the Will drafting process, for faster, more accurate Wills – ensuring greater productivity, consistency, and error reduction.

Over 6000 professional estate planner use our will writin software

Benefit of using arken
for law firms

Streamline Operations

Reduce the time you spend re-keying data and unify your document style, clauses and due diligence processes across the organisation

Increase Profitability

Boost output and build Wills 10x faster than traditional methods at a low cost per document

Minimise Risk

No more manual errors, our intuitive, easy-to-use software guides you as you draft, and keeps your data secure

Get Superior Support

Access free support via your dedicated Customer Success Manager, our support team, training videos, and webinars

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With our questionnaire to guide you, drafting complex Wills has never been easier. Dramatically speed up the process with incomplete answer alerts, built-in clauses, and dynamic changes.

  • Only asks relevant questions
  • Automatically adapts questions
  • Alerts you to incomplete answers

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As you make choices, your Will, LPA, EOW, or other document automatically updates on a dual-screen, allowing you to review your draft, and the software simultaneously drafts a client-friendly commentary.

  • Automatic real-time drafting
  • Automatic client commentary
  • Controlled editing function

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Offer your clients a comprehensive service with a document pack, including the Will, signing instructions, cover sheet and customised commentary in plain english.

  • Automatic document packs
  • Engrossment, copy & draft packs
  • Customise to match your branding


  • Arken is an absolutely fantastic tool. It is extremely easy to use and has helped our practices in Will drafting to a huge extent. I could not be without it now. I would recommend to any legal specialist looking to invest in Will writing software. Very cost effective too.” 

  • “We did a careful review of available solutions and chose Arken, as it has a very user-friendly and intuitive user experience, helped us with an improvement in our working practices, introduced time efficiencies and facilitated our ability to standardise our processes and mitigate our risks. The support team at Arken are excellent – very responsive and invested time to understand our needs. We had extensive support before and after going live. Arken is very easy to use, the templates are consistent and we have reliable support.” 

  • “Following a well-planned and successful implementation, we are delighted to see how the Arken software has enabled us to streamline our approach to Will drafting. We are now producing consistent Wills which use uniform clauses across all of our lawyers. The commentary document which complements the drafted Will is extremely helpful to our customers.”

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In Safe hands
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Adopting new technology doesn’t have to be time-consuming or painful. With your very own Customer Success Manager, 50+ how-to videos, monthly training, and expert support through multiple channels, digitising your practice using Arken is easy.

Arken work seemlesly
with wider product suite

Arken provides a suite of products that help organisations in the Wills & Trust industry compete and win.

Trust Software

Build IV Trusts in just a few clicks and complex Trust tax reports with ease

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Online Wills

Your clients can create their own Wills online in minutes, for a nominated fee

Learn More

Lead Generator

Show potential clients what would happen if they died without a Will

Learn More

Integrations & Partnerships

Centralise client data, tools, and documents and automate tasks across systems

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Remote Will Drafting

Draft Wills anytime, anywhere with Arken’s offline option which saves your work and syncs up when you’re back online

Professional Wills Scotland

Based in Scotland? Don’t worry! Our comprehensive will writing software is also suitable for Scottish users

Pricing lorem
ipsum Tailored To You

We have pricing plans to suit a range of budgets. Whether you own a small firm or large enterprise, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect solution to suit you.

Want to see how our
Will Writing Software works?


Got a question? See if we’ve answered it below and if not, get in touch! We love helping businesses understand the benefits of Arken.

Just a minute or two. Once you register, you're ready to create documents by providing your business details. That's it. No lengthy set-up process; just sign up and get started.

Arken Professional is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and has been designed to work with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (8.0 and higher), Firefox, Safari, and Edge (latest version).

If you have an older browser, it should still work, but we recommend updating to one of the browsers above.

Arken Acquire is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and will work with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (latest version).

Arken Anywhere: Windows 7 (or newer).

Arken Online Wills: Compatible with a Windows or Mac computer, mobile / tablet - iOS 10.0 (or newer), Android 6.0 (or newer). Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (8.0 and higher), Firefox, Safari, Edge (latest version). Please note to edit, you will need to use Internet Explorer.

Arken Professional has been created by solicitors, for solicitors. It has mandatory fields and a questionnaire style layout, you can also see your document as you draft, helping you sense check as you go. If you can browse a website and enter information online, you'll be able to use Arken. It's incredibly easy to use.

No to both. Arken Professional has all the questions you need, and the intelligent questionnaire will only ever ask for relevant information to create the document. It even tells you when answers are missing. However, you can apply your brand to document

Our in house Solicitors created and maintain our clauses. Having a maintained and well-written set of clauses reduces the risk of mistakes and saves you time. You can add your own additional clauses to your own clause library and use them as you see fit.

Experienced private client solicitors developed our clauses with input from leading academics and other practitioners. They have been reviewed and refined over 25 years, considering our user feedback. The clauses are regularly updated to take into account law changes and best practice development.

You can create extra paragraphs and save these in the system to put into documents. You can also edit any document using the controlled editing function.

Arken currently creates documents for England and Wales. We do have solutions for other territories like Scotland and Australia. We are working on launching Arken for other jurisdictions. Please get in touch if you require a product for a particular jurisdiction.

Watch Us Draft A Complex Will
In Under 4 Minutes

Our research found that it takes 40+ minutes to draft a complex Will on average. Watch our team do it in under 4!


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