Arken Anywhere

An Offline Option

You can now access an offline version of Arken Professional that will sync with your account once you’re back online.

If you conduct regular home or hospital visits where internet connection can be unreliable, you can park the paper, reduce re-keying and miss nothing with fuss-free access to the Arken questionnaire.

If you have an introducer network who are taking instructions but you don’t want them to draft or view the final documents, Arken Anywhere can also collect the data then sync with your Arken account so your drafters can generate the documents back at your office. They can view comments from the introducer to fully understand the client requirement.

No need to decipher handwriting or go back-and-forth with paper versions. Simple, efficient, flexible.


Email or call +44(0) 1732 867 792 for more information or to book a demo.