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Arken Professional's integration with Eclipse Legal's case management software - Proclaim - significantly reduces time spent re-keying data, ensures consistency, mitigates the risk of inaccuracies, and improves productivity for the private client sector.

How it works 

  • Create a client in Proclaim and with a simple button click, the client profile is created within Arken Professional (client name, date of birth, address, partner details, contact details, etc.)

  • Updating client details in Proclaim? This will also automatically update in Arken Professional 

  • Matter references synced to ensure consistency across both systems 

  • Once a document is completed, this can be submitted instead of downloaded – sending the document back into the Proclaim history (this integration is available for the General case type within Proclaim). 

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Integration demonstration

See the efficiency and productivity benefits in action – from automatic updates from one system to another, as well as reducing downloads in favour of direct submissions.

“This integration is a game changer for anyone in the private client sector who is looking for ways to increase profitability through finding efficiencies. Rebuilding business after COVID-19 is a strong focus for our users right now. Our API integrations allow the busy professional to eliminate the time sink that is re-keying data – letting them focus on crucial areas such as building revenues and client retention. Our partnership with Eclipse – another industry leader – has come at an important time. Lockdown forced professionals to embrace digitisation like never before – from the remote running of their business to delivering services and liaising with clients and colleagues. Many people are entering into their new normal with a stronger trust and appreciation of technology, which we plan to strongly support in our march towards future-proofing the sector. We’re excited to see the immediate benefits this will have for our users.” 

Dave Newick


“The ability for fee earners to pass client information quickly and securely into’s Will writing software without having to re-key data for a second time will be a huge time saver for law firms. This swift, efficient service is bound to delight clients of law firms using this integration – helping to differentiate from the competition further.”

Mick Thompson

Technical Director, Eclipse Legal

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