Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you feel we haven't answered what you need email our support team or our sales team for new customers, we're only too happy to help.

How long does it take to set up and use Arken?

A minute or two. Once you register, by providing your business details, you're ready to create documents. That's it.

You can customize the presentation of your documents if you want, but you won't have to go through lengthy set-up process to get started.

What do I need to get started? Can I use Arken on my current computer?

It depends. Arken has been designed to work with Internet Explorer (8.0 and higher), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Edge. If you have an older browser, it should still work, but we recommend updating to one of the browsers above.

I want to use Arken on an iPad can I use it?

It will work, but at this stage we don’t recommend using it. We are looking to developing a specific tablet version of the service. If this would be of interest, let us know by sending us message.

I’m not technical, is it easy to use?

Arken has been created by solicitors, for solicitors. If you can browse to a website and enter information online, you’ll be able to use Arken. It really is simple to use.

If you think of anything that could make Arken easier to use, send us a message.

Do I have to create my own templates and questions?

No to both. Arken contains all the questions you will ever need to ask and the intelligent questionnaire will only ever ask for the information it needs to create the document. You’ll never need to create a template and you can be confident that you have collected all the information you need.

I have my own clauses why should I use yours?

We’re solicitors too, we understand your connection to your current clauses.  We also believe having a well maintained, well written set of clauses reduces the risk of mistakes and saves you time.

Who created your clauses?

We have been creating clauses for over 25 years and only use solicitors with a strong knowledge of estate law in each jurisdiction.

Can I change the template or clauses and develop my own?

You can create extra paragraphs and save these in the system to insert in to documents. You can also make changes to any document by using the document editing function.

However, our system doesn’t use a template, we are proud of our Intelligent Questionnaire technology and believe it offers significant benefits over typical forms and templates. Current users indicate that around 98% of Wills can be created without the need to edit the document. Don’t believe us, give Arken a try and see for yourself.  

I’m not in England or Wales, does Arken work in my country?

There are two versions of Arken currently available. One creates documents for England and Wales, the other for all states in Australia.

We are working on launching Arken for other jurisdictions. Initially we’re looking at, South Africa and New Zealand. However, if enough people ask for somewhere else, we’re happy to consider it.

Any more questions?

We realise you might have more questions so get in touch, we’re more than happy to answer any question you have.

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