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Build a New Revenue Stream

With Arken, you can build your Will bank, confident that the documents you create are right for your clients. Will drafting is a key activity that supports and feeds the growth of your probate business. Efficiently creating accurate Wills that reflect your clients' wishes is crucial to this function. Whatever stage you are at - whether you are building this function or a highly-qualified Will drafter - the Arken product suite will be able to assist you.

Why Every IFA Should Use Arken

Offer a digitised estate planning service today with Arken cloud-based solutions. Access anywhere, anytime and transfer data between other solutions to benefit from reduced re-keying.

Reduced risk 

With the guided, intelligent questionnaire and inbuilt system controls and security, you can have greater confidence in building your Will bank and revenue.  Data is securely stored in the cloud and content is regularly and seamlessly updated. 

Delighted clients 

The client experience will be a positive one, with faster turnaround, a comprehensive pack with a client-friendly commentary, personalised cover sheets, and additional documents, for example, an assets and liabilities record. 

Superpowered productivity

Drafting time is dramatically reduced compared with traditional methods, re-keying is minimised or eliminated, data is effectively transferred immediately, throughput increases and staff utilisation is maximised.

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Product Suite

Working in Partnership with You

Your options 

We like to work with you to understand where you see your role in estate planning.  With our combination of products and services, we can propose the right solution for you. 

 Lead generation

Using Arken Acquire you can send leads for Wills through to your preferred drafting partner who can complete the Will using Arken Professional.  

Straightforward Wills 

Offering a straightforward Will online is easy with Arken Online Wills - and you can still send more complex instructions through to a drafting partner using Arken Acquire.

Full service

If you wish to offer a full service to your client and have the appropriate training for more complex instructions for a wider range of documents, then using Arken Online Wills, Arken Acquire and Arken Professional together is a great solution. 

We also have an API, which allows you to link other software with Arken, providing you with best-in-class specialised solutions that all work seamlessly together. 

Pricing and trials

There are pricing plans to suit any budget and a free trial of Arken Professional is available also. 

Please get in touch, we would love to discover more about you and your business.  Please book a demonstration, call us on 01732 867792 or email

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Taxation For Trusts

Do you offer Trusts? 

An invaluable tool for anyone offering Trusts - both Inter Vivos and Testamentary.  It allows you to access the most up-to-date information on tax treatments to ensure you give your clients the right advice.  

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