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Why every Accountant should use Arken

Will writing is a key activity that supports and feeds the growth of your probate business. Efficiently creating accurate Wills that reflect your clients' wishes, is crucial to this function.

With Arken you’ll save time and ensure document accuracy and consistency.

Arken was created specifically for estate planning businesses to write Wills and associated documents for their clients. This includes Expression of Wishes, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJT) and Advance Directives.

  • Tested and proven

    The widespread use of Arken to create estate planning documents means it has been tested in almost every conceivable scenario. From the simplest to the most complex Wills you can have total confidence in its comprehensive functionality. It’s incredibly advanced, but very simple to use.

  • Saves you time

    The system uses an online interactive interview questionnaire, providing the right clauses unique to each clients’ circumstances. The resulting documents are produced in real time, as you work.

  • The right documents for your client

    Full document packs are produced automatically and includes an easy-to-understand document commentary, signing instructions and other relevant documents. All packs can be downloaded as Engrossment, Copy and Draft packs.

  • The right price

    Arken’s on-demand pricing provides the highest quality clauses for any size of business, large or small. You simply pay per document.

  • Reduce your risk

    The system actively reduces your risk by ensuring that all relevant matters specific to each client, and their individual circumstances, are covered. The output is efficient, accurate, and produces consistent high quality documents.

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