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Arken intuitively guides users to create high quality documents, no matter how complex a client circumstances.

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Why every Will Writer should be using Arken

With Arken you’ll save time delivering accurate documents that reflect your client's circumstances. Arken’s advanced automation enables your whole team to quickly create high quality documents Wills, no matter how complex. This includes Expression of Wishes, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Severance of Joint Tenancy (SJT) and Advance Directives.

Arken is simple to use, yet ensures accuracy and consistency, and mitigates risk.

  • Finish quickly

    Real-time updating means when you finish completing the information, your document is complete.

  • Be more productive

    Along with automated drafting we've designed Arken Professional so that when you're completing multiple documents, client information is stored so it can be quickly re-used.

  • Reduce your risk

    Arken Professional actively reduces your risks by ensuring that all relevant matters specific to each client and their individual circumstances are covered, all the while producing consistent high quality documents utilising leading industry clauses. Furthermore, because Arken Professional is a subscription service we maintain the clauses.

  • Fits your business

    On demand pricing whether you are starting up, working with high volumes or need an enterprise solution tailored to fit your needs.

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