Arken Lifetime

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Efficient drafting in a familiar solution

How does it work? 

Arken Lifetime is an add-on to your Arken Professional subscription and allows the fast and efficient drafting of Inter Vivos (IV) Trusts documents. 

The different types of IV Trusts available are:- 

  • Interest in Possession Trust (General) 
  • Flexible Life Interest Trust 
  • Discretionary Trust 
  • Pension Death Benefit Trust 
  • Charitable Trust 

When starting a new document within Arken Professional, you will then have the option of adding a new Testamentary document or a Lifetime document.  If you choose an Arken Lifetime document, this will then open up your drafting dual screen in another tab enabling you to switch back to Arken Professional client manager when needed. 

Any contacts and addresses used already within any testamentary documents will be available for you to use in Arken Lifetime also.