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Arken Professional
Will Writing Software

Write Wills – the easy way – with Arken’s Will drafting software, Arken Professional. This intuitive solution guides you through the Will drafting process, for faster, more accurate Wills – ensuring greater productivity, consistency, and error reduction. It has a unique dual screen for a live view of the document so you can quickly check what you have put in. In-built precedents and controls ensure the time it takes to draft is a fraction of traditional methods.

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Admin Taking Hours?
Not Anymore

Let Word documents, time-consuming re-keying, and conflicting document and writing styles be a thing of the past. There’s a better way.

  • Reduced re-keying
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Improved client service
  • Consistent output
  • Work anywhere, at any time

Built by Lawyers
Inspired by Technology

Arken has been transforming the Wills & Trust industry for over 30 years.

Built by Lawyers, inspired by technology, Arken’s products offer the greatest levels of complexity on the market, reinforced by best-in-class legal knowledge, with regular reviews by our Legal Advisory Board.


  • “Arken’s Will Writing Software helps us to effectively manage our precedents, provide a better client experience and unify our processes across our offices. We are also able to draft our documents much faster than before and Arken’s wider toolset has helped us streamline in more areas and create better looking, comprehensive outcomes for our clients.”

  • “We did a careful review of available solutions and chose Arken, as it has a very user-friendly and intuitive user experience, helped us with an improvement in our working practices, introduced time efficiencies and facilitated our ability to standardise our processes and mitigate our risks. The support team at Arken are excellent – very responsive and invested time to understand our needs. We had extensive support before and after going live. Arken is very easy to use, the templates are consistent and we have reliable support.” 

  • “Arken Professional is the superior product in the market. We’ve used other solutions before, but nothing can compare to its quality, efficiency and flexibility.”

  • Arken is an absolutely fantastic tool. It is extremely easy to use and has helped our practices in Will drafting to a huge extent. I could not be without it now. I would recommend to any legal specialist looking to invest in Will writing software. Very cost effective too.” 

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