Arken's New Management Dashboard

Please see below video tutorials and information to help guide you through the new management dashboard, including navigating the dashboard, user management and how to log in.


This webinar covers:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Arken single sign on for all your Arken products
  • Better reporting capabilities
  • Improved user management functionality
  • Enhanced integration management
  • And more…

User Management

The video covers how you to manage users in the new dashboard, and shows you:

  • Searching for users.
  • Filtering users.
  • Set the permissions for access to the product customisations per user.
  • Updating the role and status of users.
  • Deleting users.
  • Adding new users.
  • Changing users details.

Logging in to the Dashboard

The video covers logging in to the new dashboard and how to set up multi-factor authentication, and shows you:

  • Logging in for the first time.
  • Password requirements.
  • How to set up multi-factor authentication for all users.
  • How to turn off multi-factor authentication.

Do You Need Further Guidance?