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Efficiency and Risk Management

Seamlessly connect your CRM with Arken Professional for data management and efficiency or take advantage of our integration with Comentis, to manage the risk of mental capacity assessments across your practice.

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Save time and energy by reducing repetitive tasks with integrations that connect your current business systems with our comprehensive Will Writing Software. Keep data up-to-date and accurate and push data across systems.

  • Reduce risk and human error
  • Increase productivity
  • Best-in-class solutions for every task

Simplify Your Workflow


Reduce the time you spend re-keying data and have one version of the truth on your clients


Increase your risk management activities with seamless links to mental capacity checking - a way of recording and auditing all clients

Use Best in Class
Solutions Together

Use the very best solutions together for maximum efficiency and greater functionality


If we don't have the integration built yet, you can develop connections using our open API



In recent years, the need for enhanced due diligence when assessing the mental capacity of clients has been highlighted. Legal professionals will need to submit evidence that due diligence and processes were followed if they are ever challenged at a later date. Find out more how we can help you have an auditable outcome – for every client.

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Is Proclaim your Case Management Solution? Integrate Arken Professional, Arken’s Will Writing Software with Proclaim to significantly reduce time spent re-keying data and enhance productivity. Start the case in Proclaim, open Arken from Proclaim with the client already set up, and save your document back to Proclaim once it is completed!

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If you are using Clio as your legal case management provider, any client data you create in Clio can transfer through to Arken. This includes your clients name, date of birth, address, partner details and contact details. Matter references are synched and any client details that are updated in Clio, flow through to Arken too. Saving re-keying and improving productivity.

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Exizent was founded on the belief that bereavement should be easier for everyone to deal with. Since 2019 it has become the industry platform for professionals involved with managing the bereavement process – connecting the data, services, and network of people involved to improve the experience for everybody.

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For more information about our integrations and partnerships, download the information sheet.

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