Unlock Efficiencies with Arken’s Open API

Utilise Arken’s open API for seamless integrations with Arken Professional – and unleash the power of connecting your software solutions together.

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Arken’s API is an open, REST API. Meaning it allows different software applications to openly communicate with it.

In the world of technology, open APIs are widely used to encourage collaboration between different software systems. They allow developers to access certain features or data from one system to use in another, making it easier to build new applications or integrate existing ones.

Our clients use a variety of different software products and Arken’s API was built with this in mind. It offers greater flexibility across a wider range of solutions.

As our clients use a variety of different software products, this offers them greater flexibility in terms of integrations.

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Key Features

  • Arken’s API is accessible to developers and third-party developers.
  • Comprehensive and clear documentation about using the API is available.
  • Use the standardised protocols for communication with our API, making it easier and quicker to establish a connection.
  • Arken’s development team and third line support are available to help.
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For the Technical People

If you would like to read some of the technical detail around Arken’s API, you can visit our confluence page by clicking on the link below.

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Arken Product Suite

Arken provides a suite of products that help organisations in the Wills & Trust industry compete and win.

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Partnerships & Integrations

Centralise client data, tools, and documents and automate tasks across documents.

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