Arken.Legal partners with BePrepared

May 22, 2023 partners with BePrepared


Digital Asset Management with BePrepared is excited to announce it’s partnership with BePrepared to create the Arken Vault – an instant solution for handling your clients digital assets.


Digital Assets – photos, videos, passwords, emails, cryptocurrency, devices, legal documents, medical records – represent a huge issue for clients and their loved ones during both the preparation and administration of an estate.


According to STEP’s 2022 ‘A Call to Action‘, 1 in 3 estate planners have been asked about transferring digital assets to heirs after death, 1 in 5 estate planners deal with digital assets on at least a monthly basis, and 52% of estate planners are already preparing to handle digital assets moving forward.


Aware of this looming avalanche on the horizon and the plethora of complexities that arise from handling such assets, was driven to partner with a company that is not only an industry leader specialising in cybersecurity, but whom also has a deep understanding of the entire Wills and Estates field.


What are the key benefits of this partnership


A Vault Tailored to Your Branding

Solve digital assets for your clients, and never lose a client to another firm again. Your digital asset vault lives on your clients phone and computer – fully branded to your practice. Automatic notifications and touch points will keep your firm top-of-mind and make them feel valued and taken care of. Not to mention, being the single touch point of their entire digital estate makes them super sticky.


Save Hundreds of Hours Spent on Emails and Data Collection


Arken Vault makes it easy to handle estates 10x faster than normal by providing a single, secure place for both you, your client, and all of your client’s other legal representatives to upload their files. No more email requests for copies of documents, and no more email chains chasing down documents from other advisors. Comment, revise and collaborate right within the vault.


Generate 40% more client leads on auto-pilot


Every client that has a vault adds their close circle of loved ones to receive items (‘recipients’). Each recipient is created a ‘read-only’ account, so they can receive their loved ones’ data. As recipient accounts are created, recipients get to experience your firms offering (the vault) and learn about you – all without you lifting a finger. They also know someone close to them has already vetted and invested in you. This ‘virtual word of mouth’ is powerful – and means that when you automatically reach out using our email integrations, they’re likely to become a client of yours too.


Your Practice + Arken Vault = 360° Estate Plan


With digital assets making estates increasingly more complex, it’s clear that the estate plans of the past no longer provide sufficient protection. This is your chance to step in and up with competitive services that protects your client’s digital lives – so they don’t go to another practice who will.


About BePrepared

BePrepared is the industry standard for estate planners globally handling digital assets. With a deep understanding of Wills and Estate planning, their software is built ground up to both compliment and work within the legal system to ensure the smooth bequeathment of all assets. Their specialisation in cybersecurity, not to mention their compliance and certifications in many international security standards, means you can rest easy knowing that all client data is kept safe and secure. For more information, please book a demo here.


About provides estate planning software that can support you in drafting complex requirements into documents. It’s questionnaire style design, risk mitigation features and automation capabilities help estate planning professionals remove the administrative burden of even the most complex Wills, Trusts, LPAs and more. For more information, please book a demonstration, visit our website, email or call on 01732 867792.