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October 6, 2021

Mental capacity screening within Arken Professional

Arken is delighted to announce its partnership with Comentis, a technology provider that helps legal professionals, identify reduced mental capacity, consistently and objectively.


In recent years, there has been an increased need for enhanced due diligence for legal professionals when assessing at-risk individuals. When assessing testamentary capacity during the Will writing process, you will no doubt refer to the criteria outlined in Banks v Goodfellow (1870). However, capacity is nuanced, and it’s important each assessment considers an individual’s unique circumstances. Legal professionals will also need to submit evidence that due diligence and process was followed if they are ever challenged at a later date, and Comentis’ audit trail enables them to do this.


Following the 4 key areas of Banks V Goodfellow, Comentis’ mental capacity assessment engine has been incorporated into Arken Professional to facilitate the assessment process. The integration is only available to Arken Professional subscribers, enabling you to provide clients, and the beneficiaries of their Wills with an objective, dignified mental capacity assessment. This provides peace of mind for all involved that the Will and the related legal implications have been appropriately communicated and understood.


What are the key benefits of this partnership?


Manage your risk

Use an independent professional assessment to demonstrate that due diligence and process were followed if you are ever challenged.



Perform consistent checks

Have peace of mind that all your staff are following the same procedure. This is especially important for more junior staff where they may not have the appropriate experience to provide a personal assessment.



Receive an immediate response

Receive a real-time screening of your client’s testamentary capacity – enabling you to respond quickly and efficiently to any potential issue.



Accessing mental capacity assessments within Arken:

Users of Arken Professional will now have the option to utilise the mental capacity assessment functionality for their clients.


The unique, clinically developed assessment process will provide a real-time screening and report of your client’s testamentary capacity, enabling you to respond quickly and efficiently to any potential issues that may arise.


Further information about the assessments and Comentis, please visit our website, email or book a demonstration of Arken Professional at a time to suit you.



About Comentis

Comentis’ unique software – the Cognitive Assessment Engine (CAE) – combines the latest technological advances with clinical expertise from a renowned team of mental health and psychology specialists to provide objective and thorough mental capacity assessments to legal services firms. The CAE is the first product in the legal market to combine digital and clinical expertise to produce an accessible and cost-effective platform and will ensure you don’t miss the critical signs of reduced mental capacity in clients. For leadership biographies for Comentis, please visit our website.



About Arken Professional

Arken Professional is a drafting solution for professionals within the estate planning industry. Drafting through Arken Professional significantly increases throughput and ensures consistency across your practice. Complex Wills can be done in a quarter of time of drafting using word templates and come with a comprehensive Will pack containing a bespoke clause by clause plain English commentary for your clients. For more information, please book a demonstration above, visit our website, email or call on 01732 867792.

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