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Case Conundrums, Sharlene Abbott

May 5, 2021

A webinar showing how Arken Professional efficiently caters for complex Will instructions.


Conundrum 1: Sharlene Abbott 09/09/1952 is married to George Abbott 10/09/1950. Sharlene’s estate falls under the IHT threshold.

  • Sharlene wants to appoint George as her executor and if not her solicitor (your firm).
  • She doesn’t want to make any funeral directions.
  • Sharlene wants to leave the estate to George subject to first death bequests.
  • She wants to leave £1000 to her friend Bettina Walker.
  • She wants to leave her antique china doll collection to her Niece Bettina Jones. If Bettina predeceases, she wishes it to go to her Friend Alice Walker, and if Alice dies before her, she wishes it to go to Alice’s daughter Sally Walker.
  • She wishes that her antique book collection is sold and that the proceeds are divided between her nephews Simon and Alan Frost as to a 30% share and a 70% share respectively.
  • She wishes her fur coat to go to her friend Mary Allen, but if Mary predeceases her, she wishes for it to pass to residue.
  • She wishes for her collection of shoes to be split between her nieces Alice and Sophie Jenkins. If Alice is unable to take, she wishes that share to go to Sophie, but if Sophie predeceases, her share is to go to Bettina Walker.
  • If George predeceases, she wants the estate to go to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


(Webinar recorded 5th May 2021)


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