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Case Conundrums, Henry Smith

July 8, 2021

Henry Smith DOB 01/09/1980 married to Daisy Smith DOB 10/02/1981. Telephone (07961) 123456. Address: The House, The Town, The County, TN16 1PG.


  • Henry wants to appoint Daisy as his Executor. If she is unable to act, he wants to appoint his friend Donald Jones (The Cottage, The Village, The County, TN11 8GT).
  • Henry wants to be cremated, and the funeral service conducted simply.
  • If Daisy dies before him he wants to leave his dog Alfie to his neighbour Thomas Parker.
  • He wishes to leave £6,000 to his sister, Susie White. If Susie predeceases, her share is to go to her children in equal shares when they turn 25.
  • He wishes to leave £1,000 to the RSPCA.
  • He wishes to leave £10,000 in a discretionary trust for the benefit of his neighbour Thomas’ children Ben and Amy Parker for the purposes of their fulfilling their education. At the end of the trust, the fund is to return to residue.
  • He then wishes to leave his entire residue to Daisy. If Daisy has predeceased him, he wishes to leave the residue to Susie. If Susie predeceases, he wishes to leave £10,000 to each of Susie’s children Henry and Albert White, but then the remainder is to be split equally between the RSPB and Cancer Research UK.


(Webinar recorded 2nd June 2021)


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