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Case Conundrums, Peter Anderson

October 7, 2021

Peter Anderson DOB 20/05/1978 is single. He lives in Surrey and has a small property in London, which he uses when he works in town.


  • Peter wants to make a Will for his property but wants to exclude his property in France, as he has a separate Will to deal with those assets.
  • He wants to appoint his brother Michael Anderson as his executor, failing that your firm.
  • He wants to be cremated and his funeral conducted in a simple manner and would like to specify that ‘I did it my way’ by Frank Sinatra be played.
  • He wants to specifically gift his flat in London to his niece Bella Anderson.
  • He wants to specifically gift his collection of trainers to his friend James Dobson.
  • He wants to gift his entire residue to his brother Michael Anderson not per stirpes, but this gift is not conditional on him acting as executor. On the second level of distribution, he would like the residue to be split: 70% to his friend James Dobson not per stirpes, and 30% to the Blue Cross.
  • He would like James’s share to accrue to the Blue Cross if James has predeceased.


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