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Case Conundrums, Ryan Evans

April 5, 2022

Ryan Evans is married to Cheryl and they have one child, Ben. Ryan wishes to appoint Cheryl and his brother Darren as executors and, if Darren has predeceased he would like his friend, Andrew Stevens to act in his place. If they have predeceased, he wishes to appoint your firm.


Ryan would like to be buried and include that he does not want to be cremated! He would like to appoint his brother, Darren as the guardian for Ben. He would like to leave 10% of his estate to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. He would like to create a business property relief trust for his consultancy business for Cheryl and Ben, and if this fails, to go to his grandchildren.


He would then like the rest of the estate to go to his wife Cheryl. If Cheryl were to predecease, he would then like the estate to go to his son Ben. If that were to fail, he would like the estate to split into percentage shares: 20% to his brother Darren, 20% to his friend Andrew (and he would like them to receive this even if they don’t act as executors) and then 60% to his grandchildren. As Cheryl and Ryan have similar Wills, they wish to include a statement that they are not mutual. We will then show you how to create a mirror Will for Cheryl.


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