Digital transformation... where on earth do you start?

February 8, 2022

Digital transformation can be an intimidating term for what is simply a series of steps in an organisations’ technology adoption journey.


Every business is unique, and some will start their digital transformation at dissimilar stages compared to others, this is because each business faces unique challenges and has different priorities. For example, many estate planners ‘digitally transformed’ by implementing video meetings technology during the pandemic.


Remote and hybrid working is set to continue in the legal space, and other market forces are pushing legal firms to invest in more technology. The appetite is there, and the spirit is willing, but where is the best place to start?


If we try and simplify a digital transformation journey, it can be broken down into three stages:

  1. Investing in the right tools for your business
  2. Integrating those tools
  3. Layering machine learning and artificial intelligence


The first step is to invest in tools that drive efficiencies into your business, helping reduce operational costs and mitigating manual errors. These tools create the foundation for your business, providing better working environments by simplifying laborious tasks, and freeing up resources to focus on other business priorities.


The second step is to integrate your systems. Most modern solutions come with an API, which means you can pass data or create actions across different tools. This helps to streamline companywide processes and keeps data aligned for reports, helping leaders make key business decisions using real-time data.


The third is machine learning and artificial intelligence, which enables organisations to intelligently automate some decision making, receive communications about potential problems before they happen, and provides better intelligence.


Most businesses are in step one or two, with a few industries leading the way on step three. The trick is to find technology partners that understand your organisation, your objectives and your challenges. Finding a partner that will work in a consultative manner with you, who engages stakeholders and provides long-term support will be key to success. provides intelligent tools that work together to help estate planning organisations drive efficiencies, reduce risk and streamline companywide processes. For more information about how Arken can help you on your digital transformation journey, contact us today.

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