Join us as we solve Colin and Emma’s estate planning conundrums: protecting wealth from potential care home fees due to a genetic disorder, whilst keeping harmony among a blended family



Emma Brown (45) and Colin Wright (47) have a blended family. Colin has two children from a previous marriage, Emma has one child from a previous marriage, and they have one daughter together.


Colin’s family has a history of Muscular Dystrophy, and he sadly lost all his inheritance to care home fees. Colin and Emma don’t want the same to happen to their children, and as they are aware of the possibility of long-term care needs in the future, and therefore the potential implications on their assets, they want to take steps to protect their wealth.


Emma and Colin’s blended family structure adds complexity to their estate planning. They must navigate the balance of providing for their biological and stepchildren while maintaining fairness and harmony. Ensuring each child receives a fair share of the estate is essential to Emma and Colin as they want to avoid potential conflicts and disputes among their children.


Watch this webinar whilst we help Emma and Colin draft the following documents to safeguard their wealth from care home fees and ensure harmony remains amongst their blended family after their passing.


• A Will
• A Severance of Joint Tenancy
• An Expression of Wishes