Large Legal Services Firm

February 20, 2024

Read how this large legal services firm are using Arken’s software to reduce risk, save time and money on administrative tasks and to give them more transparency and control over processes.

The Challenges

  1. Data input and risk management

The team were having to enter the same data into multiple documents, multiple times. It was taking a lot of time away from other priorities and it left room for human error. With Arken Professional they enter the same information once, which lowers administration levels that can frustrate teams and reduces their exposure to error.


  1. Printing and collating documents

Before Arken Professional, the team used to have to print out the Will, the cover sheet, and the letter for the client from different places. They would have to check the details on each one very closely, as they were built manually, and the whole process was “a pain.”


In Arken, they can print all the documents from one place, which saves them time and money on administrative tasks. It also supports their document management and version control.


  1. Control, transparency and speed.

Arken helped us to create transparency around our Will drafting and LPA drafting processes. We can now collaborate on documents more easily and our wording, formatting, and branding are consistent and aligned. We’re able to turn documents around faster for our clients and our output is greater, helping us to drive more profitability into our practice.   Some of our clients are elderly, have illnesses and require their Will as soon as possible. Being able to send them their documents in good time is the customer service we aim for and provides client satisfaction."


Favourite Features of Arken

The team at this company have a few favourite features within Arken Professional, here’s what they shared:


  1. The clauses are easy to use and are well constructed. “For example, if you want to enter a gift, you just enter the beneficiaries name, the item or the amount of monies being gifted, and the system will draft the clause.” – Solicitor
  2. The structure and the clauses within the Will are logical and easy for the client to understand.
  3. Being able to mirror Wills and other documents saves them a lot of time. As does the built-in, address look-up.
  4. The support ChatBot on Arken Legal’s website, “they come back to you straight away, they’re so helpful” – Solicitor
  5. The how-to-videos are useful for brushing up on areas that you haven’t drafted in a while.