Medium Solicitor Firm

February 20, 2024

Read how this medium sized solicitor firm use Arken to reduce risk, drive consistency, reduce re-keying and maximise profitability.

The Challenges

1. Reducing risk & driving consistency 

As my department grows, I like to know we are creating very little room for human error. Using Word as the master precedent document means that it’s easier to make mistakes. Arken Professional has precedents built in that are reviewed by a Legal Advisory Board. It also doesn’t let you print a Will unless you have all the areas completed. Knowing the system flags any incomplete areas brings real peace of mind.”  – Head of Private Client.   It’s often a vulnerable time for our clients, so we don’t want to make errors or inconvenience them with draft after draft."

Head of Private Client

With Arken Professional, the Head of Private Client and his team ensure they use consistently worded precedents that are automatically added to documents when certain options are selected. Mandatory fields, the questionnaire style format and dual screen helps to guide junior drafters through and enables them to check their work as they go along. They can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that the precedents are reviewed by Arken’s Legal Advisory Board.  


2. Making processes more efficient and reducing re-keying 

“The more we can reduce cost of production the better. Reducing re-keying and being able to mirror documents speeds up the drafting process.” 


Arken Professional means the team can reduce the administrative overhead for a large part of the process, which means they can get documents to the clients more quickly and efficiently.  


“It also makes sure the team asks the client the right questions in the first place, as you need the right information in order to complete the questionnaire in Arken Professional.” 


3. Maximising Profitability 

Arken Professional helps organisations maximise the profitability of Wills by enabling firms to create multiple documents in the time it takes to make one when using traditional methods.  


“It barely takes any more time to create more documents, than the time you spend doing one Will.”  


The value to the client comes from the advice not how long fee earners spend on drafting, and being able to turn documents around faster for clients will help keep them engaged in the process.  

Favourite Features of Arken Professional

  • How it mirrors documents – you can carry over the spouses details to another document with just a few clicks.  
  • The % shares calculator – which helps you to divide a client’s inheritance between beneficiaries with ease. 
  • Customisations – you can add your own brand (and clauses) to the documents you create.  
  • The commentary – automate the creation of commentary for your clients.  
  • Access and review documents generated by others.