Only 10% of estate planning organisations ‘very efficient’

October 11, 2022’s efficiency quiz has found that only 10% of all respondents are ‘very efficient.’ In fact, 69% of respondents were only ‘reasonably efficient’ and 21% ‘need improvement.’ 


The efficiency quiz was compiled with Solicitors who have experience in the industry. The ten questions asked help narrow down on different areas of the business that participants can improve on.  


Afterall, improving efficiency helps businesses to save time & money.  


The three different areas: 

  1. Fee earners – scoring on how much time senior members of staff spend reviewing and/or drafting documents. As well as how much time is spent on tasks that aren’t related to advising the client.  
  2. Content – this area scores on the amount of time spent on managing, updating, and searching for the right content, such as precedent wording and Trust tax information. It also scores on the time taken to produce bespoke commentary and the amount of writing and editing required to draft documents.  
  3. Administration – admin is one of the biggest burdens faced by estate planning professionals. Organisations that score poorly in this area are often spending too much time on data entry, formatting, printing, scanning and more.  


The quiz produces an instantaneous and personalised report based on the participants scores. It also provides tips and tricks on how to improve efficiency in the three areas described. The results are also emailed across to participants. 


The quiz takes roughly 60 seconds to complete and it’s completely free. So why not compare your business to your competitors and see how efficient you are in comparison?  


Take the quiz.