Strange and Spooky Wishes Left in Wills – A Halloween Special

October 26, 2022


As experts in the realm of estate planning, you’ll probably have seen or heard tales about some ‘odd things or wishes’ left in a clients Will. Here at Arken, we’ve done some research to celebrate Halloween and found the following 5 strange and spooky requests noted down in people’s Wills.  


Here’s a few we found to share: 


Harry Houdini – Talk to you later 

Famous escape artist Harry Houdini wanted to know if it was indeed possible to contact the dead. He asked his wife to hold spiritual sessions every Halloween after his death. She respected his last wish and held seances for at least 10 years, trying to contact him, she even used the secret code he’d provided in connection attempts. Unfortunately, his wife never heard from him.  


Hannah Beswick – What the clock 

Hannah Beswick was so terrified of being buried alive, that she instructed her doctor to ensure that she was not, by whatever means necessary. If he did, he would inherit her fortune.  


After Helen died, her doctor decided to mummify and wrap the old lady in tar-infused bandages, leaving her face uncovered and peeping out from a grandfather clock he kept her in. Once a year, according to her wishes, he would formally examine Helen to make sure she was indeed, still dead.  


Mark Gruenwald – A real comic 

Mark Gruenwald was heavily involved in the production of the Marvel films; he was the executive director of the Iron Man and Captain America comics. After his death, he asked that his ashes be mixed with the ink used to print comic books… and they were! Mark got his final wish and is now part of the comic books he loved.  


Angel Pantoja – A surprise funeral guest 

24-year-old Angel Pantoja wanted to attend his own funeral after death… and that’s exactly what he did. With special embalming, Angel’s body was preserved for three days, and his body was held upright using some specially designed stands. He wore a Yankees cap and sunglasses, and he was made to appear as if he was welcoming his guests to his own funeral.  


Heinrich Heine – a poet and he know it 

Heinrich Heine felt his wife, Eugene, was rather boring and stupid. Ouch! After he died in 1856, he left all his wealth to Eugene but only if she remarried. Heinrich did give an explanation saying, “Because then there will be at least one man, who will regret my death.” His wife did remarry, and she did inherit his wealth, but we don’t know if the new husband did end up regretting Heinrichs death.