The Grass is Greener, Actually – why switch to Arken


A brand-new year is fast approaching and perhaps it’s time to take stock of upcoming changes… and explore new opportunities… 


Why switch to Arken? 


We’re tried, tested and trusted. has been operating for over 30 years, we support over 6,000 users and our software helps produce 200,000 documents per year. To date, we’ve supported our clients in creating over 7 million documents. We’re tried, tested and trusted. 


Flexible payment plans 

Prices start from £36 per month, pricing plans are flexible and can scale with our clients to meet their needs. Clients can have unlimited users with varying user permissions, so drafters and those who support them can all access the system.  


We’re serious about service 

Our support team are notoriously helpful and can be contacted by online chat, telephone and email. We offer free new user training and have over 50+ pre-recorded helpful training videos. Plus, each client gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager as their go-to contact.  


Our Software is Industry Leading 

Arken’s Will drafting software offers the most flexibility and capability on the market. It’s risk mitigation features like mandatory fields, dual screen drafting and checking, audit history and customisation tracking – are all ways in which Arken helps protect organisations and their drafters. The simple questionnaire design is laid out in a logical, easy to follow manner and users only need to enter data into the system once, the system also produces automated, bespoke clause by clause commentary for Wills and LPAs – saving them countless admin hours.  


Backed by a Legal Advisory Board 

The precedents, wording and functionality is monitored by a Legal Advisory Board and internal Solicitors, so our clients can rest in the knowledge that the tool they’re using is scrutinized by fellow professionals.  


Talk to one of our friendly team by booking a demo to find out more.