The Power of AI - We Asked ChatGPT Why Solicitors Should Use Will Writing Software…. Here’s What it Said

February 6, 2023


ChatGPT is a new chatbot, built by Open AI. It was launched in November 2022 and it’s become very popular in a short amount of time. Users can ask it all sorts of questions and ChatGPT will give succinct and clear answers.


Here at Arken, we’ve been testing it out. We asked ChatGPT why it thinks Solicitors should use Will writing software, and this is what it said:


“Will writing software can be a useful tool for solicitors when preparing documentation for estate planning. Here are a few reasons why a solicitor might choose to use Will writing software:


Efficiency: Will writing software can help solicitors to streamline the process of preparing documentation, by providing pre-populated forms, automated calculations, and other tools that can help speed up the preparation of documents.


Accuracy: By using Will writing software, solicitors can reduce the chance of errors in the documentation. The software often includes error checking and automated calculations to ensure the accuracy of the information in the documents.


Compliance: Will writing software can also help solicitors to ensure compliance with legal requirements by providing guidance on the format and language of legal documents, and by alerting solicitors to potential issues that may arise.


Template library: Will writing software usually has a library of legal document templates that can be used in the estate planning process, including Last Will and Testament, Living Trusts, Power of Attorneys and other documents. This can make it easier for solicitors to access and use the right documents for their clients.


Time management: Will writing software can help solicitors manage their time more effectively, by allowing them to complete documents quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for client consultation and other important aspects of the practice.


Document storage: Will writing software usually have a cloud-based storage system, where documents can be saved and securely shared with clients. This can make it easy for solicitors to share and update important documents with clients, or to work on documents remotely.


It is important to note that Will-writing software is only a tool and it should be used in conjunction with the solicitor’s knowledge and expertise to ensure legal compliance, completeness and the best interest of the clients.


…Accurate. Thanks ChatGPT!


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