Thursfields Solicitors

May 27, 2022

Read how Thursfields Solicitors are utilising Arken’s products to drive consistency, support their growth plans and enhance internal due diligence.

The Challenges

Resource challenge

Thursfield’s precedents were previously managed by an expert internally, however when they retired the company wanted to ensure its precedents continued to be managed effectively. They did not want to rely solely on time consuming research or lengthy Word documents.


Supporting growth

As a growing company, they also wanted to achieve consistency across the entire Will drafting process, helping them to streamline their systems and scale. With 5 offices, the company wanted to effectively manage their output by unifying the questions asked, the wording used, and the design of the Will packs produced. The objective being to ensure a superior quality customer experience and drive efficiencies.

Arken’s Will Writing Software helps us to effectively manage our precedents, provide a better client experience and unify our processes across our offices. We are also able to draft our documents much faster than before and Arken’s wider toolset has helped us streamline in more areas and create better looking, comprehensive outcomes for our clients."

Ian Bond
Head of Wills & Estates

Why Arken

Managed precedents

After reviewing the  options available, Thursfields decided on Arken Legal’s Will Writing Software because its precedents are regularly reviewed by a Legal Advisory Board. Giving them peace of mind as well as an effective way to manage their precedents. They could also tweak the precedents to suit their organisation and produce letters which reflected the wording they wanted to use.



The suite of products Arken provides meant that as the business grew, they could utilise further technology to support them on their journey. For example, Thursfields also adopted Arken’s Client Data Capture tool, which they send out prior to meeting with a client. Digitally capturing all the information required to complete the clients Will before the meeting, providing a better client experience and a formalised data capture process.


Data integration

The ability to transfer data from one Arken solution to the other also helped them cut down on the need to re-enter data into several systems. Meaning they only had to enter the data once, and it could be used to complete the clients Wills, LPAs (Lasting Power of Attorney), Inter Vivos Trusts and any other documents required.  This has also reduced the number of errors where information has been mis-typed when producing more than one document for a client.


Internal due diligence

Thursfields also liked the fact that they could download each client’s questions and answers to keep on file for internal due diligence. Providing them with a record of their conversations with the client.

Using Arken’s wider product suite has helped us to reach more potential clients and capture client data, digitally and effectively. The ability to produce documents with consistent wording and a consistent look and feel has helped us deliver a more professional and efficient service to our clients"

Ian Bond
Head of Wills & Estates

Plans for the Future

Further integration

Thursfields plan to integrate their Arken solutions with their case management solution, reducing the re-keying of data even further, creating a better working environment and building one source of truth for their reporting.


Lead generation

The company also use Arken’s Will Lead Generation tool, Arken Intestacy, to help market their business and help potential clients understand what would happen should they die without a Will.


They also plan to use Arken’s Client Data Capture tool on social media, to reach more people and help prospective clients provide their information more easily.