7 Reasons Why the Future of Instruction Taking is Digital

Digital tools designed for the estate planning industry are getting smarter. There is software available to enhance a significant number of business processes and due to the realised benefits and growing market opportunity, technological innovations in this sector are become more popular.


One area which has seen an improvement, is the digitisation of the instruction taking process. The Arken Instruction Hub, launched in late 2023, helps organisations like yours to enhance the client experience, improve business processes and help you grow.


Here are 7 reasons why the instruction taking process has become digitised:


1. It improves efficiency.


Capturing information digitally streamlines the instruction taking process and automates routine administration. It removes the need to re-key in data and read scribbled handwriting written on printed forms. It also automatically organises and categorises data, ensuring you capture the information required the first time around. This reduces the need for repeat requests to the client about their details, helping you focus client interactions on advice and answering questions. 


2. It ensures accuracy.


Asking the client to enter their information digitally not only provides a sleeker experience for them, but it also ensures you capture their data accurately. Not having to re-key information into multiple systems helps to reduce errors or spelling mistakes.


3. It supports risk management.


Not only does digital data capture reduce the risk of inaccurate client details, but it also provides enhanced security measures surrounding those details. Compliance with data protection laws and regulations is often better ensured through digital systems which can implement and enforce privacy and security standards.


4. It creates client convenience.


Clients are getting used to digital service delivery, and as Generation X and Millennials age, your next target audience will expect it. Digital communication and data capture methods are often more convenient for your clients too. They can submit information and documents online, reducing the need for in-person visits and making the process more accessible.


5. It saves you time and money.


Streamlining processes through digital information capture can result in time and cost savings for your practice. This enhanced level of efficiency allows you and your team to find, serve and advise more clients, helping grow the business rather than getting bogged down with admin.


6. It improves document management.


Digital estate planning facilitates better document management. It allows you to store and retrieve information easily, ensuring that all necessary documents are accessible and well-organised. It also helps your team work collaboratively on supporting the client, as the information they need is ordered sensibly.


7. It helps future proof your business.


As technology continues to advance, embracing digital practices ensures that you stay current and can easily adapt to new tools and methodologies in the future. Embracing digital information capture aligns with modern business practices and client expectations.


By leveraging estate planning software, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your operations, streamlining workflows and reducing the burden of boring, manual administrative tasks. The precision and accuracy afforded by digital instruction taking contribute to improved data management and organisation too, reducing the risk of errors commonly associated with traditional paper-based systems.


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