and Exizent announce game-changing partnership to revolutionise ‘pre-to-post-death’ journey for legal firms

June 2, 2019

With a legacy in pre-death innovation, is the industry’s leading digital estate planning platform, offering a one-stop-shop for legal services firms operating in estate planning and Will writing.


Exizent was launched in October 2020 to help those dealing with the administrative tasks following death. It’s cloud-based platform aims to connect the data and services used by legal services firms, institutions, and executors to make managing the probate process easier.


Both and Exizent are fully committed to the discovery and implementation of legal sector innovation and are continually looking at how the processes can be optimised through smart partnerships and collaborations that build on the cloud-based nature of applications.


The integration of their two cloud-based solutions means that key information from a Will stored on the platform can be used by legal firms to seamlessly create a probate case on the Exizent platform, making the early stages of the process more efficient, accurate and secure.


Dave Newick, CEO of said:

“Arken Professional – our comprehensive document generation solution – has been built specifically for legal services providers to create Wills and associated documents, including LPAs, for their clients, while Exizent’s platform has been created to help make the probate process easier for legal professionals and executors. By integrating the two, we can give legal firms all the information they need from pre-death planning through to post-death administration.


“This means that, if a client has passed away, and their Will is on the platform, they will be able to access the data needed to inform the probate process including contact details for the family and executor, information about the assets held and their beneficiaries.”


Nick Cousins, CEO of Exizent adds:

“According to our research, eight in ten legal firms think the probate process is slow and inefficient with identifying and accessing the deceased’s assets and tracking down their family, beneficiaries and the executor of their Will, identified as some of the biggest pain points.


“By integrating with, legal firms will be able to find the information they need for their cases. They will be able to pull all the details about the deceased – their assets, their beneficiaries and executor details – straight from their digital Will. There will be no rekeying of client details – simply a seamless transfer of data. This collaboration will make the entire journey – from Will writing through to estate administration and probate – more efficient, more accurate, and more secure for law firms and less stressful for their clients and their loved ones.”


Thursfields Solicitors is a customer of both and Exizent. Commenting on the partnership, Thursfields Head of Wills & Estates Ian Bond said:

“As an industry, in the past year we have experienced previously unforeseen levels of both technological innovation and adoption. We believe that collaboration will be instrumental in driving this forward. Understanding the separate propositions of both Exizent and, it’s extremely exciting as a customer to be offered the added benefits of one, integrated, seamless user journey that ultimately makes the whole experience easier and more efficient.”


About Exizent

Exizent is THE industry platform for professionals involved with managing the bereavement process. When someone passes away, Exizent connects the data and services used by legal services firm, institutions, and executors to sort out what’s required to make the journey for the bereaved an easier one. The Exizent platform is an integral part of the bereavement landscape helping to reduce uncertainty, increase speed and overall, make the process more straight forward for everyone.


It’s a business inspired by powerful stories, stories of people who have lost loved ones that have then found themselves caught in a web of complexity at a time of personal anguish. We don’t believe it has to be this way. By connecting the professionals, institutions and executors tasked with sorting out the administration involved when someone passes away Exizent is reducing the burden on those grieving.

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