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Case Conundrums Ep.10 Barry and Susan Murray

June 8, 2022

Our clients are Barry and Susan Murray.

Susan has early onset Alzheimer’s so they wish to create both LPAs whilst they still have the capacity to do so.

They wish to appoint each other and their daughter Margaret Byers as attorneys.

They wish to include the power for their attorneys to make decisions about life sustaining treatment and specify that the attorneys are to act jointly for some decisions and jointly and severely for others.

There are a number of preferences and instructions that Susan wishes to include.

Barry specifically wishes to include a statement that his current financial advisor continues to act for the family.

Barry needs an operation and is concerned about the timeframe to register the LPAs.

They have been advised to each create a general power of attorney while Barry undergoes his operation so that someone can act on his behalf whilst he is in hospital.

They have also decided to make Advance Decisions.

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