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Case Conundrums, Michelle Pattison

May 5, 2022

Michelle Pattison is married to John and they have 2 children Rebecca and Joshua.


Michelle would like to appoint John and her sister, Barbara, as her executors. If they are unable to act she would like to appoint your firm.


She wishes to be buried at their family plot in Cornwall.


She would like to give a money gift of £10,000 to her sister, Barbara, if she has predeceased she would like it to go equally to her 3 daughters when they turn 25.


She would like her collection of Lladro china figures to go to her nieces, Sarah, Stacey and Sophie. She would like the eldest Sarah to choose first with Sophie, the youngest chooses last and to then take turns.


Residue to John, if John predeceases she would like the residue to be split 50% to Rebecca and 50% in a discretionary trust to Joshua, Rebecca and any future grandchildren. As Joshua has previously had problem with a drug addiction, she would like to create an Expression of Wishes to guide her trustees with the discretionary trust. She would like the Expression of Wishes to state that Joshua is to be the main beneficiary of the Trust, he should not receive large sums of money to protect him and it is to be used to ensure for his wellbeing or any help he may need to seek. She also wishes for the EOW to not be disclosed unless they feel it is necessary.


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